[Development Discussion] Minstall Server Management Script


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Hey Guys,

Some of you may have seen my earlier posts on the mother ship about Minstall, my pet project.

If you haven't, Minstall is "a script containing several modules designed to help you set up your server as you want it"

The script has proven quite popular over the past year or so and I've gradually (read: slowly) been developing the next release :)

Development progress and information can be seen here and I'm looking for feedback and suggestions on improvements I could make to the script. Any constructive comments are appreciated!

Many suggestions from the other thread have already been implemented ( and again, I'm looking for comments on my implementations so that I can maybe improve them!

Thanks for everyone for the continued support and a special thanks to the team at KnightSwarm who currently host the repository and have provided much support over the last year and a half!


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I could take look later tonight or perhaps tomorrow. See what comes out if it.


As it stands currently, should we use the script from the KnightSwarm repository or is the one on you maxexcloo repository alright?


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@maxexcloo Thanks for the wonderful script. I plan to use it for my next VPS.

How about adding features to auto-setup VPN, Proxy and IRC bouncer etc.