Email Server or Email Hosting ? Anyone ?


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I need a unlimited email box hosting with a neat AJAX based web interface similar to outlook.

I can see open-xchange being there.

Can anybody offer me a VPS or Server already setup properly with that ? I have fair knowledge of linux but I do not have time to get into mess up of setting up a server right now - I want someone to take care of it.

If you are a VPS provider, and interested PM me with what you offer. You might offer email box as well. I will accept it.

However if you are a reader and would like to suggest me something easy and pretty neat - Please go ahead and suggest me. I ll be happy to see if its worth the time to install and setup myself.

Post me with your pricing on email hosting / server guys.


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Good luck shopping this offer request. Most hosts tend to stick to the Cpanel as-is install and not go beyond there. Even on WHT there is a true lack of mail type offers. Obviously, mail is a PITA and it is an abuse target and known to soil IPs.

All that said, I know others around here are looking for the same / similar mail offer. Could be a niche for someone.


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You could always get a KVM VPS, install Windows, IIS, OWA, and a mail server .