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Out of curiosity, what do you all drink or do to wake up or help keep you up if you have a long day or week?

I used to be a fan of energy drinks, but I've stopped with them from awhile back, and have since become a fan of coffee and the kickstart drinks by mtn dew. The kickstart drinks actually are not too bad and seem to work. Coffee wise, I like to keep some starbucks on hand.


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I open my eyes and get out of bed, if you think you need drugs to function.....


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I'll just brew some hot tea, dump a cubic-asston of honey in it and then pour over ice. I do have a coffee pot and was unable to function without coffee for a while. I still like coffee but it's not winter anymore, so sticking with the tea until it's cold again.

Not an energy drink fan, but sadly you will find some of those Monster Java iced coffee drinks on my desk (Loca Mocha). These are the only coffee energy drinks that I feel actually give me some energy. Two of them and I'm pounding away at the keyboard. I think they taste good too, unlike other brands.

I've got an energy problem. Lately I feel like I have mono or something. Can wake up, eat, drink tea/coffee and feel like falling right back asleep.


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I open my eyes and get out of bed, if you think you need drugs to function.....
My rockstar/amp in morning is surely better then the drugs I used to take so I'm not gonna beat myself up too much, much cheaper too. Cigarettes are the real problem, but one battle at a time.
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I need my coffee in the morning. Its part of my morning essentials and I compare it to showering in the morning. Just has to happen.  :lol:


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200MG of Caffeine, 1 stick of Kiwi Strawberry Propel Energy powder, a shot or two of MiO Strawberry Watermelon, 30ml of 151. Shaken, not stirred.


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20mg of methylphenidate

Granted I'm not a normal case. Diet irrelevant, I could sleep for 12 hours and barely be able to function for another 2 hours before I'm just gone.


I eat a breakfast, maybe drink some water, juice, or tea if I really need to. Waking up is easy for me.


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Same as Tim, I believe that your body can adjust, maybe people should start giving it a try. If you sleep for 2 hours a night for more than a few nights your body will adjust (this will take more than a few nights, say 2 weeks) and you'll have just as much energy in the morning as someone that sleeps say 8 hours. People underestimate the body and feel the need to pump themselves with crap.