[For Hire] Asia L3 Server Admin & Technical Support


Verified Provider
I'm quitting my day job this March to go to trade school. I would like to have some income to pay for rent and ramen. This is where you came in.

I can do system administration, technical support, sales(livechat) and technical writing.

My timezone: GMT+8

London: GMT

New York: GMT-5

Los Angeles: GMT-8


Weekend: 10hour. You choose the timeframe.

Weekday: 8:30PM - 1:30AM

I have expired RHCSA so I would like to think that I'm quite proficient with Linux common toolset. Also, I've been working professionally with Amazon & Linux since 2010


- VMWare

- Linux mainly CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian

- Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

- Distributed system: high availability, loadbalancing, failover, caching,

- Bash

- Basic PHP & MySQL

- Basic networking(router, switch, firewall, VLAN, VPN)

- cPanel

- Plesk


I don't have experience administering Xen/KVM/OpenVZ/SolusVM but willing to learn.


Lots and lots of VPS from provider here in VPSBoard :blush:

Worked for a year with local hosting*(shared/VPS/dedi) company doing sysadmin, L3 technical support and sales(chat&phone). I speak fluent English and Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia.


Being in South-East Asia, I just need few hundred USD to survive. But I prefer not to do per ticket basis.

Please send me a message if you have related opening.

Thanks in advance :popcorn:

* You may notice that I'm verified provider. I registered and represented that company back then. I'm no longer affialiated with any company.