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Front Range Hosting - A Colorado LLC is pleased to offer the following plans.  All our plans come with support via Live Chat for small issues, anything else that takes time will have a ticket created.

List of our services.

OpenVZ Plans - Denver(Colorado Springs) and Atlanta. SolusVM

Atlanta @ Colo@ Facility aka WireSix

Bandwidth Providers:

    Atlanta TIE
    Packet Exchange

Denver(Colorado Springs) @ Data102

Bandwidth Providers:

Hurricane Electirc
TW Telecom
Rocky Mountain Internet Exchange

We have VPS Plans from small 128MB VPS's all the way up to 4GB+ Plans.
Supermicro Intel Dual E5-2620 Hardware
SAS Drives + SSD Caching RAID-10 Setups
UPS Power + Generator Backup
Gigabit Ports
Diverse BGP Mix of providers
We own our IP Ranges we do not lease them

Plans: Receive 10% off with FRH10 monthly price below is without discount.  Yearly price is just an example.  You can do 1, 3, 6, and 12 month terms. 3-12 months gets an automatic 10% off.

VPS-128 2.00/mo or 19.44/yr with FRH10 Discount Code
128MB Ram
128MB vSwap
5GB Disk
256GB Xfer

VPS-256 4.00/mo or 38.88/yr with FRH10 Discount Code
256MB Ram
256MB vSwap
10GB Disk
512GB Xfer

VPS-384 6.00/mo or 58.32/yr with FRH10 Discount Code
384MB vSwap
15GB Disk
768GB Xfer

VPS-512 8.00/mo or 77.76/yr with FRH10 Discount Code
512MB vSwap
20GB Disk
1TB Xfer

VPS-1024 16.00/mo or 155.52/yr with FRH10 Discount Code
1G vSwap
40GB Disk
2TB Xfer

OnApp Cloud Plans - KVM
OnApp Cloud 3.0
OnApp Storage

1G Plan
20.00/mo or 194.40/yr With FRH10 Discount Code
10GB Disk
10GB Backup Space
1TB Xfer

2G Plan
40.00/mo or 388.8/yr With FRH10 Discount Code
20GB Disk
20GB Backup Space
2TB Xfer

3G Plan
60.00/mo or 583.20/yr with FRH10 Discount COde
30GB Disk
30GB Backup Space
3TB Transfer

Our billing system goes all the way to 10G, larger plans please contact sales.
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@FRCorey so is the service in SolusVM and OnApp the same? sorry im new to OnApp

If not, can we ask for a migration from SolusVM to OnApp?
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Verified Provider is a different service and has higher costs.  The idea is to eventually let it handle KVM customers on standalone nodes IE no HA features, but awesome UI and iPhone APP.  When I get additional hardware that will allow me to do this I'll see about doing it.  I'll probably draw the line at 512MB KVM's and up though.

The actual "Cloud" side ha redundant nodes, backups  and all that, starts at 20.00/mo for 1G RAM 10G Disk 10G Backup Space, and 1TB Bandwidth.

And there's no migration path, it can be done, but usually results in a broken KVM VM which requires work to the kernel to get it to work nice so it's better to provision a new VM and move into it.