HIRING: Systems Administrator – REMOTE WORKER


100% Tier-1 Gogent
HIRING: Systems Administrator – REMOTE WORKER

I have a remote worker position available for a native English speaker or someone with high level comprehension English reading and writing.

The position is paid monthly, and compensation will depend on your experience.

This is a general purpose Systems Administrator role.

You will work directly with customers, management and company owners. The ability to resolve matters in a timely and effective manner is necessary. Documentation of work, changes, and related company matters is mandatory.

Things you should be versed in:

CentOS experience MANDATORY

Familiarity with Windows Servers

cPanel, Solus and WHMCS

Detecting problems from monitoring solution and taking pro-active administrative steps to resolve or prevent larger service impact.

If you are interested, send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE with your resume. Please include your timezone, hours of availability and approximate compensation you are seeking.


PS:  All resumes, interested parties are kept confident.   That is to say only I know who they are and if the company hiring is interested from subset of details, only then will they know who is interested.

If you are a company looking to hire staff, contact me.  I am glad to proxy the job offers to shield your company.
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