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HostKVM  - Who are we?

HostKVM is a new provider offering free virtual machines for developers who are developing/testing/etc. products they are working on. We provide both windows & linux operating systems.

Offer: Virtual Machine #1



Windows/Linux KVM

1 IPV4

1 IPV6 (not in all locations)

Requirements: You have a valid on-going or in-development project that requires a machine to develop/test/etc. In order to verify project status, open a ticket after placing an order.


Node specs:

32gb ram, e3-1230v2, 8x2tb raid10, /27 IPV4, IPV6 on the way

NOTE: setup is not instant. We cannot promise setup within 24 hours, it will be setup when there is room on the node. Limited stock.


D. Strout

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I have placed my order and opened the ticket. I'm very interested to see how this pans out.


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Interesting, but i don't have any on-going project that required too much horse power that i don't have.

So, good luck on that.  :)


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@netnub, Why don't you take a few hours aside and fix the most important things on your website?

Why BoxBilling logo? Selling the logo space too or the whole thing is about promoting BoxBilling only?

About us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy - All these pages have Lorem Ipsum.

Contact us - This page has a demo address with phone number +123 456 12345

Blog - Three posts about BoxBilling and nothing about HostKVM launch :)

Please address the above so that people do not think of this as scam.

D. Strout

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In my justification ticket I requested a location that had IPv6, as I need it for my project. Still haven't received a VM :( And as @vanarp mentioned, all the placeholder stuff does make this look less than professional. Also, it seems BoxBilling doesn't e-mail you for ticket responses - weird and annoying.
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All that stuff is BoxBilling (free billing system) default content :) They didn't put it there.
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Our website has been merged to WHMCS. Once I finish configuring email so it stops bouncing I'll update tickets.