How do you pronounce 'router'?


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I've pronounced the (incorrect?) way , rowter and rowtes (/ou/ sound like cow) all my life. It's probably wrong but other people do it too


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In Canada, "route" is pronounced "root", so "rooter" would make sense. However, I only hear it pronounced as "row-ter" ("row" rhymes with "how"), and I usually follow the pronunciation of the day to avoid having to repeat myself.


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Like @drimike said: ROW-ter. "Row" being said like "wow" but with an "r".


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I always say "Rowter". My friends and family take the mick out of it as they all say "Rooter". (We're from the UK and I guess "Rooter" is the typical way people say it in the UK and "Rowter" is the more US Term used).


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I say row-ter. When routing cables - I also say row-te.

However, when it comes to many other things it'll be roo-ter (such as I'm planning a route). 


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not quite root
not quite rute

not quite crow
not quite tow

not quite brute
not quite chroot

not quite row
not quite, bro

not quite bot
not quite trot

not quite bought
not quite bow

not quite naught
not quite know

but rout as in out or
you reap what you sow

- masspoem4u69


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router from word route as you do route and share the connection to WIFI and other devices and nothing to do with ROWter, WOWter, MOWter or RAUter.