How do you tag someone in a post?


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I've been trying to figure out how to tag people in posts. It's not @Username like it is over on LET, and I haven't found the button for it yet. Anyone want to offer up a suggestion?


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Good question.   I've been going with the @username so it is clear who I am speaking to.   I do this in minimal forums elsewhere too as a matter of habit.

WIth the @ tagging elsewhere, what functionality exists (i.e. what happens when username gets mentioned)?  Assuming there is feature for user to see all their @ mentions.  Beyond that?  Much of anything?


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See but that doesn't "ping" people.  
So if you just want to mention a user do what MannDude did, but if you want to ping them (assuming they have the notification on) do the following:

MannDude said:
Or something similar which would do this:

MannDude said:
And assuming MannDude has his "Quote me" notification on it'll put a notice in his notification box.



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Proper tagging is about the only feature I miss from LET. Just '@username' was much simpler. I'm not aware of any IPB plugin that does this, unfortunately.


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That sure is cumbersome Mr. Pie.
I'll agree with you there.  It's kind of a pain in the ass, but we haven't found a better/easier alternative at the moment.  Also with our huge list of things we have to do this isn't that high on the priority list.