How do you upload your files to your webserver?


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Normally I use SFTP/SCP but since moving to Comcast I've switched to FTP but I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.1 and now my favorite FTP client (CoreFTP) doesn't work for more than a few files before failing so I've switched over to WebDAV since it's fast and reliable (unfortunately our production webservers don't have WebDAV on them). So what do you use for uploading your files? What protocol? What client? Post 'em up. :)


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On most servers sftp, using clients as filezilla or flashfxp.

I have two servers that I use as "dump and share" servers which has ftpd installed.

And then there is always wget.


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I'm one lazy buttface.

Also most of my servers are a long ways away from me so...

I just move files I need into my dropbox public folder, copy the public link, and wget it from the server-side :ph34r: !  I'm one tough cookie 
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SFTP using Cyberduck for editing and daily work.

If pushing a full site I use the built in sftp client in Dreamweaver.


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I use FileZilla for SFTP/FTP on Mac, command line over terminal also works, but finding the right directory is pretty hard...Don't know about Windows.


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Typically SFTP via SmartFTP, if it's a large file I'll upload to the server closest to me then wget or rsync it to the server I need it on.


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I usually use SFTP or Rsync most of the time. It really depends on what I'm transferring and how large the data stream may be.


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I have been enjoying git web hooks and a pull .php file to update directories dynamically. It can go so far as if you push to a development branch it will update the development server and production would be the production server. 


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Auto build/deploy solutions that pull the source from git, build (Or deploy, in case of interpreted languages) -- namely Atlassian bamboo.

When you start developing things seriously, nothing much else really cuts it.


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hg update through a port forwarded SSH session, although I've been working on a solution similar to Wintereise's.
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Most of the things I need to upload/change on a server are the code. Since all the code we write are stored in a central repository too, I usually clone/pull them. I am aware of the extra overhead and files, but its so simple.

When I don't have a SSH access, I use SFTP too, mostly with FileZilla, when I am on my PC/Laptop and rarely the web based Net2FTP, when there is no FTP/SFTP client installed.


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Normally deploy using svn, but if I'm editing a dev box, I have expandrive over ssh. Sublime text seems to like it fine as if it was local.


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i always upload bigger files with flashfxp as its able to resume sessions without a problem. its pretty cheap and got a lifetime license :) ftp over ssh.

deploy: git/svn over ssh

to be honest i used all sorts of clients but since ive found flashfxp im even using it on debian with wine. (the developer is  also testing it for wine..) which is messy i know but im just lazy and this way i can export all my settings to a single file and import them to a new machine...