How is vpsBoard performance in your location?


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Hey everyone,

How is the performance of this website for you? Fast? Slow? What geographic location are you accessing the site from? What issues do you face when browsing/posting?

Let me know how you'd rate the performance of vpsBoard so we can start making improvements where needed.



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So far so Good. I'm visiting from South Dakota, USA. Haven't had a single Problem. Site Loads perfectly fine!


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State College, PA.  

Performance is decent but every once in a while the network blips.  

Comcast is my ISP so it goes from Comcast (Central PA) -> Comcast (NYC) (111 8th Ave) -> nLayer (East Coast US) -> CloudFlare (UK)


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I am tunneling via SSH to a box in 

United States


From Australia, it's zippy for me.


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I am tunneling via SSH to a box in  United States Michigan Eastlake From Australia, it's zippy for me.

So...  Las Vegas -> Eastlake, Michigan -> Australia is zippy?

Well damn then.  I guess everything's done boys.  Network's fine.  We're good here.  


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Comcast is my ISP so it goes from Comcast (Central PA) -> Comcast (NYC) (111 8th Ave) -> nLayer (
East Coast US) -> CloudFlare (UK)
What in the hell is that sh!t routing?  CloudFlare has NYC nodes and other far closer than UK.   You need to get them to clean that up.


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I am connecting via SSH in New Jersey.   I see blips and issues all the time.  Part of that, < 10% of the time is a DNS bug/issue with my setup.

I'd say lately the site is better behaved and more consistent.  


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I get decent load speeds, but I get frequent page drops where VPSBoard just won't load for about a minute and then it will connect again.

I'm in Los Angeles, Ca. My ISP is Verizon.

Traceroute has started…

traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1 (  1.037 ms  6.819 ms  3.732 ms
 2 (  2.103 ms  2.085 ms  1.224 ms
 3 (  86.503 ms  627.794 ms  511.975 ms
 4 (  614.342 ms  611.926 ms  614.314 ms
 5 (  614.325 ms  374.368 ms  350.345 ms
 6 (  292.326 ms  225.359 ms  205.911 ms
 7 (  149.853 ms  94.183 ms  47.146 ms
 8 (  78.415 ms  128.935 ms  81.097 ms
 9 (  48.363 ms  51.292 ms  64.549 ms
10 (  46.501 ms  48.917 ms  51.608 ms
11 (  58.741 ms  58.264 ms *
12 (  67.277 ms *  47.631 ms
13 (  33.029 ms  139.868 ms  47.380 ms
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Not sure if sarcasm. 

Oh we've been trying to get networking taken care of because several people have been having issues.  Because it seems like we're fine to Australia, I was jokingly stating that we accomplished our job.  I mean my VM container in Australia takes a while to connect to (directly at least), so yeah...  It was just a joke haha.  


Here in Lincoln, Nebraska on Time Warner Cable things are usually fine. Every once in a while pages will take a little while to load (primarily when I first go to the home page after a few hours of being offline).

I have been noticing is that sometimes the user profile images don't show up in threads. Also sometimes posting replies will take a few minutes. 


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Pages take long enough to load that I have time to flip to another tab and back. Totally usable though.

EDIT: Should have said from Australia...
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I am not totally sure how SSH Tunnels work but I would assume the network is fine to the box not to me, I always thought it was.


Correct me if I am wrong, I thought it was the same as using a VPN but not as secure?

Speed on Tunnel

40 requests ❘ 23.4 KB transferred ❘ 5.00 s (onload: 4.65 s, DOMContentLoaded: 3.87 s)

Apart from that with a direct connection, it's a bit faster..

40 requests ❘ 30.0 KB transferred ❘ 1.92 s (onload: 1.49 s, DOMContentLoaded: 1.39 s)


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Works really good for me and I'm in Sri Lanka 

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1 (  3.439 ms  4.671 ms  4.901 ms
 2 (  10.517 ms  11.000 ms  11.606 ms
 3 (  13.099 ms  14.333 ms  15.438 ms
 4 (  18.676 ms  19.165 ms  23.147 ms
 5 (  55.002 ms  44.634 ms  72.953 ms
 6 (  43.563 ms  44.292 ms  45.778 ms