HUGE PACKAGE! - XenForo License + Resource Manager Module + Awesome XenForo Style + 8 Domain Names |

Marc M.

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For a long time now I have toyed with the idea of creating either a hosting forum or a forum for geeky - computer - related stuff. For one, I simply can't allocate any time to do it, and the other thing is that vpsBoard has grown substantially and it's simply a great place to be a part of, so instead of dublicating something I'd rather just contribute to this forum.

However maybe someone else wants to set up their own forum for their own purposes, so I have put together an awesome package at a great price:

- 1 x XenForo License (purchased in March, 2013) - $140 value

- 1 x Resource Manager Module - $60 value - see example here:

- 1 x Black Responsive Skin - $39 value - one of the best all around XenForo styles - see examples here:

- 8 domain names:


The domain names are posted as a JPG image, so please do not post the names in comments.

The total price for this package is $210.

Thank you for looking.
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