i cant use thanks button


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Are you saying you were THANKFUL.

Damn software. Damn the software.

Post the error so the admins can debug it and see about resolving it.


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Serious note, if you thanked me @shovenose, I just saw two notifications.  So technically underneath it appears to work.


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Well, unsure, but I just got an error while trying to thank you on the last comment....

An error occurred

There was a problem storing your reputation vote.

Perhaps it disallows thanks one after another on same thread.


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We really need to boost the daily limits of THANKS.  I ran out of THANKS on vpsBoard the other day and it depressed me and led to drinking a few adult beverages and riding the ATV on my property while perhaps over the "legal" limits of caffeine.

Lucky for me there weren't any SMOKIES, bears out or they might have ruined my day and ate the doughnuts in my picnic basket.

See the downward spiral limiting peoples THANKfulness can lead to? That's what happend to the low end site.  Those thank junkies sure get ugly when you make them go cold turkey.

More thanks for everyone!!!
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I'll see what I can do to boost the limits. In the admin panel I am not seeing a set limit made anywhere or a feature to override this. In regards to the error, if it happens again please shoot me a PM with the time and I'll have a look at the logs.

Has anyone else experienced an error when giving thanks?


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Well, if you are that thankful - send beer or other liquids to the admins. I've heard they don't drink flowers or candies.


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Chimay rocks, although I don't partake like I use to.  Few years back ownership changed and turned me off.  

Hope they are keeping the quality up still.  I use to consume a few of those big bottles a night when hard at work "creating".  Oh those days and my liver.