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Hey folks, thanks for stopping by. Glad to see you here.

Like any new message board, we're seeking ways to cater towards our visitors as best as we possibly can. Whether you're a VPS hobbyist, utilizing your servers for your many projects or the first time VPS buyer with lots of questions. We want this community to grow as a trusted source of quality information with great and helpful members. With just a little bit of effort, you can help us do just that!

I've got a couple ideas that I want to share below, and am interested in reading feedback. I'd also like to see your suggestions too!

For starters, this place was never intended to be an 'alternative' to any existing forums. Instead it was created in an effort to create a community based resource of information that is easily accessible. I believe this forum can benefit both the visitors who will frequent as well as providers who will represent themselves here. I'm hoping that simple things like requiring moderator approval of newly submitted offers and reviews will allow us to get started on the right foot, protecting our visitors by 'here today, gone tomorrow' providers and scams. A feature I personally enjoyed on a large web hosting forum is the validation of posted reviews. At this time newly posted reviews will require moderation prior to becoming public to help prevent fake reviews and affiliate spamming.

The Questions and Answers forum is quite unique, and I'm excited that it exists. I'd like this place to one day be an active forum where individuals can ask questions regarding issues or errors they're experiencing with their VPS and in return be presented with helpful and honest answers from the community. The original poster is then able to select the best answer from the submitted replies and that selected reply will be displayed above all others and highlighted. This helps insure that future visitors are able to get the answer in the event they're coming here with the same original issue.

I've got quite a few unique ideas for vpsBoard, but first I have to see if they're possible. I'll likely return later and modify this post after I've had time to look into these more. Please feel free to leave feedback and submit suggestions. If you have any specific questions regarding vpsBoard, please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to answer them.

Once again, welcome to vpsBoard. I hope you enjoy your stay!


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However stupid this sounds, a low end dedicated sub forum would be nice, as you can now buy dedicated servers for <$20


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Well hardware talk like dedicated could fit in the providers hangout, yeah?

I'd like to add more forums, just understand I didn't want to do so with such low membership here. Looks bad to have too many forums with not much content. You guys can help with that though, by spreading the word and being active here. That'll help me feel more comfortable adding a couple extra forums down the road so I know they'll be used.


I'd like to have the website scroll to the last viewed post in a thread every time you click on it. LET is like that and it saves a lot of time and scrolling.


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I'd like to have the website scroll to the last viewed post in a thread every time you click on it. LET is like that and it saves a lot of time and scrolling.
If you click the: star or bullet point to the left of the post titles it goes to the last post.


However I do agree and it's an easy template edit.
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Once there are more offers, I think it would definitely make sense to split the offers category into a lower price category, and a higher price category, as well as having a category for dedicated servers.  You are, of course, absolutely right about not having too many subforums to start out.

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Having the "View New Content" link on the footer as well as the header would be a bonus.  And on the mobile template, perhaps putting the menu icon on the footer as well?  (had to fight with the mobile theme a bit this afternoon, trying to get caught up on posts)


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It would be nice if a user who signs up without using a referrer link, could give the person who referred them credit after the fact. 

Not sure if that would be easy to do or not, but yea. :)


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Hey everyone, MannDude here.

vpsBoard was created in early March, not as a 'replacement' for LET, but rather a place people could simply discuss Virtual Servers and related subjects. Big ones, small ones. Cheap ones and expensive ones. After the LET fiasco, the bulk of their community decided to migrate to vpsBoard. Well, I'm very happy to have you here and am looking for suggestions on how to make this place better for you. This is your community as much as it is mine or anyone else's. Your input is greatly appreciated and will help mold vpsBoard into a quality community for liked minded individuals, linux geeks, web-devs, programmers and alike.

There have been quite a few suggestions posted on the forums, however for sake of organization I'd like to keep things here. I'll update this post periodically with the suggestions we will consider and implement, marking things off the list and adding things to the list as time goes one.

Thanks for supporting vpsBoard!


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I'd also like to request that we don't bring in cocky mods who get power hungry and keep ones that respect us. Don't get me wrong we need mods who will enforce the rules but not ones that think they can use their status against us. When forums grow it seems they always do that, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen here :)


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In all honesty, I think so far you've been doing a great job and the openness is a refreshing experience.

So... um... you got some chronic?  You know.  I'd like to experience this refreshing feeling too...

DISCLAIMER: This is a joke.  


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I think you folks are doing a stellar job @MannDude.

Only recommendation I have now would be getting people on some shifts to deal with things since it appears you and Nick have been up for days on end.

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I'd like a couple extra forums, one under Virtual Private Servers for "related services" like domains, DNS, etc., otherwise "general talk" gets too cluttered. Also, a place for domain auctions, possibly even with some sort of built-in bidding system (asking too much? maybe...) I think as well that the idea previously put forward for a portal with the latest VPS offers and possibly highly upvoted forum topics would be great.