Incero to get IPv6?

D. Strout

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The latest DailyServerDeals offer looked kinda nice so I picked up a 256MB VPS from WSWD. Before I did, I noticed that the IPv4 test IP was with Incero, which as we all know doesn't have IPv6. I checked the website, and apparently the v6 addresses mentioned in the offer are tunnelled. No problem - the Hurricane Electric Dallas endpoint is >1ms from Incero. When I got the VPS, however, it didn't come with any IPv6 addresses. I ticketed for some and got them, but the ticket said more than "here are your v6". Here's what Bryan Wollenberg, owner of WSWD, said:

Hi D. Strout,

As of right now, the IPv6's on that server (datacenter) are tunneled through Hurricane Electric. After a very long wait, we are supposed to be getting native IPv6's by the end of the week. 

I have allocated the IPs, but just so you know, they will be changing hopefully by the end of the week, when we get our non-tunneled allocation.
Now, admittedly most people have heard at one time or another that such and such a company will be getting IPv6 "soon", or even "in a few weeks", but this seems pretty imminent, and I was surprised to see that the Incero AS has IPv6 allocations and peering. Very curious to see how this works out.
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We also have tunneled IPv6 there even tho have been promissed "next week" for many months. Looking forward for this, as we may finally start thinking about deploying iwstack there.


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Thanks for the order by the way, D. Strout!

The IPv6 is available in theory.  We have our ranges for each server, but have tickets waiting (for several days) to add the ranges to the routers, etc.  I can only assume they are completely overwhelmed support-wise with the IPv6 orders.  I can't imagine it taking more than a few more days to get everything completely set up on their end and ours. 

Definitely looking forward to the native IPv6 on Incero.  Been a long time coming.


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yeah but providers last stated that it they were told "one more week" for them to use it. is it still like that or is it actually in production now? :)