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Hello Everyone

Finally made it here. I had actually tried to join a few months back but would never get that activation email.

This is Adnan from HostRush.

Hello to all.


I'm not a hoster or vps provider but an IT security engineer. When I'm not being abused as a sex slave by my wife I love to go to or watch math lectures by really intelligent profs, to tell dirty jokes to flowers (they can't run away), to admire WSS's beautiful hair, and to surprise attack myself with russian poems which I don't understand.

I also liked LET a lot and still do but have lost trust due to one of their admins utterly abusing his position for his own company (no new discussion please. There is a thread for that).

Music is another great hobby of mine. Goethe, Dali, you name it, I like them all, particularly one piece, the name of which I always forget, but it goes like that da da da, dah da dah ...


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Hello every one i am samual
and love to visit all the places that insight of my eyes dosen't matter how by a picture of a simple a look anywhere