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Hi all,

Also a LET poster/lurker but I have also decided to branch out to vpsBoard. 

I'm an IT student, ever so slightly north of London. I don't mind a good PC game or two, but I am often found in an SSH session (or several), with a good hint of RDP thrown in there too.

I hope to learn a lot here, as well as try and help out as/when I can. 

Look forward to seeing this forum grow :)


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Hello guys! We're here on vpsBoard. A little about us -- we're a recently launched company that is aiming to change the mid-level and low-level hosting market by bringing enterprise solutions (like custom scripts) to consumers across the globe.


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Hello fellow members,

My name is Hassan & i am a new member of this informative community i hope all members are having good time here.
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Hello from Atlanta Ga!

My name is Daniel, Currently of the SpeedMax family of companies, formerly employed by TortoiseLabs(If anyone remembers them).

Nice to meet you all!


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Howdy VPSBoard,

My name is Chase Morgan (JP Morgan Chase... eh I wish). I'm a student residing in the Silicon Valley of California. 3 years experience with PHP & MySQL, 2 years experience Linux Administration (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu), 2 years in the web hosting biz. In my free time I like Golf, Flying, Music, and Cars.

Cheers to many more posts! :)


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Hi everyone i am new here.Thanks admin for allowing me to join this forum.I am offering some internet services seo tools.Why i am here.I just wanna shared my ideas related in this forum.


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Hey everyone,

Just read about VPSBoard coming back to life over at LET.
Figured it was high time that I posted here, considering the embarrassingly long period of time that I have spent lurking around these parts.

Well, that's about it. See you around!


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Greetings y'all,
Maher down here, currently the Chief Technical Officer at Rocketrix.
Glad to be here and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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Hello all.

Just like @K4Y5 I'm coming from LET. There were few threads about you, but I never registered here. I think that's time to change that! ;)
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Hi all,

I'm Aaron, Managing Director & CTO over at File Sanctuary.

Long time lurker, but this new lease of life for vpsBoard has given me the nudge I needed to get more actively involved. :) I'm also now in the IRC channel as aaronr.


I've heard that this is the place for the cool kids to hangout, and I one can be down with the hipsters by finding out about it years after it was cool.

Far be it from me from not following fashion! If you recognize my avatar, you probably know me. If not, you might eventually!