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Yeah i stumbled upon everyone being admin, like 5 minutes before everything going to hell, I was trying to message an admin. But the hacker disabled the site :(


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I also found that I was an admin on LET, I then think all accounts were deleted...

Someone also had changed the name of the forum to "vpsboard sucks."

Now it seems the site is either disable or was deleted.

I also find it sad that it was using nginx 1.0 (released 2011) and not the latest, 1.4.1...
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Well I was going to make a post of it here when I noticed, though I can see that is alread taken care of.

Hope they get it all sorted out.


The blog keeps going up and down. You'd think that they would be able to put everything back online a little faster. 


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CC, CVPS, Chris et all will come up smelling of roses, it's the way of things :)