List of reliable sub 20$ per year providers


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I maintain a small list (alphabetical order) of reliable vps providers that are providing small OpenVZ containers for less than 20$ per year.
My main usage is having an ip at that location (vpn/proxy/cache/dns).

Feel free to add your providers to that list. I will update this post once a week.

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@wlanboy - Thanks for mentioning us... we do offer Kansas City, Buffalo and Atlanta as well upon request. (I assume you're mentioning our $12/year plan).


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Why is everyone posting to say thanks, there is a Thank You button!

Does it have to be OpenVZ?


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make it clickable link and thanks for sharing.
Done - don't want to waste your time with copy/paste.

RamNode! [Atlanta and Seattle]
Thanks. With 35% discount code two of their plans are ok.

Httpzoom are decent, and they do a couple of sub-$20 offers in their UK location.
Thank you. Added them.

Yes, don't forget coupon VPSB35 on that, though. There's also Iniz (formerly StormVZ) in LA, Buffalo, and Chicago, and BudgetVM, in LA, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami.
Thank you Added them.


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I forgot to note that we will soon be providing US based IPv6-only VPS similar to LES. :) This is unadvertised at this time as we are currently reworking the website however it is available in the client panel!