Looking for help with self hosted VOIP system


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Basically I am looking for help to setup my own Google Talk or Skype like system so that me and friends can talk (voice chat) over it.

While I do not know anything about such stuff, I am optimistic that there should be Open Source software and people should have already done it.

There is no real requirement for a such a thing at the moment except that I am want to have fun with my virtual servers :)


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Why not use teamspeak? It is easy to install and the client works proper (PC to PC)


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This is how I install TS3:

adduser teamspeak

go to offi site and get link for last version for you system:

wget link
tar -zxvf filename
cd /teamspeak_ver

copy: admin user

admin pass

and token you will see all that in console

connect to your ts3 server with admin pass and token

after that use

to start restart stop etc.

./ts3server_startscript.sh restart


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+1 for Mumble.  I have used it on our private LAN environment as a solution.

Android app available for it too.


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Mumble is good for voip, but just about shit for everything else. Skype is cancer.

Otherwise a PBX might be useful, quiet nice to have.
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Okay so VOIP with mumble is fine, but you can't call a dialtone user.  Aside from that... it's fine.  It's real quick to get installed.  Literally with docs < 20 minutes first time through.

Skype, yeppers you nailed that.

Asterisks or similar PBX would be nice, but rather complicated.  Probably something out there with a doc to follow.