looking OpenVZ Server from Singapore


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hi , im looking VPS server from SG with cheaper price .

target price below 5$

any spec also can .

want to use for OpenVPN


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Are there any known VPS offers (I mean discounts) from Oneasiahost ?
Other than reseller discounts (US$150/month in VPS spending) no. Our policy is that rather than have everyone wait for a coupon just to get the best deal, we offer the best price right from the start so there's no need to wait for any coupons/offers.


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As a previous customer to OneAsiaHost, I can definitely say Kenshin runs a pretty nice operation there.  Just know that Bandwidth is at such a high premium there you have to watch out.  

Either way, just go for an OpenVZ VPS 128mb and it's 12/quarterly, meaning 4 dollars a month, which is well within the price range!