LoveVPS closing (April 2015)


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Not a brand we've seen here on vpsBoard, LoveVPS.   This comes from Webhostingtalk (

Greetings all...

For anyone here whom may have servers at, you may have already received the notice in email this morning 04/01/15 but just in case you did not or it is in your Junk Folder....

Since Matthew sold, Love VPS about 6 months ago, there has been a steady decline and now the new owners posted that they will be shutting their doors in 30 days. 

April 30th will be their last day in operation / giving a solid 30 days to move your data to a new Data Center. 

We have a few clients we manage over there now / which we will be moving. 

Just a heads up all...


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Interesting date to announce this.

Isn't this the same company that ripped a design from someone else or am I thinking of a different company with 'Love' in the name?

EDIT: Corrected below. Their design was ripped, they didn't rip a design.
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