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Hi all,

This has been a long time coming. So without further ado let me announce the public beta of our multi-homed, Geolocated DDoS protection platform.

How does it work?

To those familiar with our existing single-homed service, this is very similar. We have bundled a monitoring system and GeoDNS to ensure the maximum reliability, performance and protection. You can choose to include any of our ever expanding locations in your service.

We provide either a CNAME alias you can use with your registrar or a DNS service (hosted by Rage4) you can use to host your own domain (two zones included with every service). If you plan to use your own registrar ensure that it accepts a CNAME for the root record (if applicable). HE's DNS service is an example of a service that allows that slightly non-standard record. This is not applicable for our DNS system.

Can I try it?

Sure, feel free. We are actually looking for beta testers / early adopters. Currently all the prices are discounted to attract testers and if you get a deal, it will be with you for the life of the service (upgrades after the beta period will not include the discount).

You can purchase from:

How stable is it?

The platform has been under private beta test with a few resellers for almost 3 months now protecting two US gameservers receiving in excess of 10Gbps attacks almost daily. We expect the underlying platform to be very stable at this stage. Release of this platform in a stable form is scheduled for later this month.

Can I do XYZ?

Some supported features include:

  • Edge SSL
  • Edge caching
  • Multiple tunnel endpoints (optional)
  • TCP, UDP, HTTP and HTTPs reverse proxy, tunneling (GRE/IPIP) or vpn (IPSec + L2TP)
  • ACLs
Who are you?

X4B is an Australian registered company. Registered 6 months ago we have been doing Reverse Proxy services for years now. Protecting many large game servers and website with alot of success. We primary deal with resellers however we welcome customers to buy direct.


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Interesting service.

Struggling to understand how the underlying admin stuff for end user fits together.  Care to explain or post some screencap examples?


Existing VPS, multiple ports open (80, 22, etc.)

Change --> Advertise the server with your new DDoS protect IP in the front.

Is there an admin that allows granularity to route ports and different types of traffic TCP, UDP, etc.?


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There is a control panel behind all of our functionality. You would however only forward public facing ports, you would not forward 22 (ssh).

e.g ports.

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Apologies for the late reply, I missed the notification.

It depends on the location, most servers are on 1gbit. Those that aren't will eventually be silently upgraded if / when the need arises. Because our billing is directly based on bandwidth you need not worry since its in our best interest to ensure you can use all that you need.


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Oh look, it's x4b...

The service which hosts tons of sites for hackforums members, mostly illegal and offers them ddos protection.


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Hi RiotSecurity,

First let me say we have not and will not advertised on HF. I am unsure if we are discussed there my ISP is banned there (I doubt that I am missing much).

We have a fully functioning abuse department (including forwarding from our rented ranges) which is handled by staff and cc'ed to me.

Given we mostly receive less than 1 message a month over the entirety of our network I don't think abuse is running rampant like you suggest.