Need some coding work.


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I am looking for someone to build a small web app for me, it will be extremely simple.

Here's what I need:

A web page that allows me to list links similar to this site -

I would code this myself but I have a couple client projects underway as is and don't have time.

I am willing to pay for this.

PM me if interested.
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This isn't a competition, this is a "I want, so I'll call it competition and see if I can get free shit".

Good luck next year.


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I said I would pay.

And edited the title. It originally was going to be a competition for a vps, but decided pay would be better.
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Or wordpress links feature?  You could probably even do it with straight HTML if you're not changing links super often.  

How much are you paying?  Seen you talk a lot of bout all these great things you want to make but something like this would be easier to just hack together yourself then post about..


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If you're not editing or adding links super often then I'd suggest a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla.  Otherwise just a standard .html file would suffice.


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I think wordpress would be too heavy for sonething as simple as this. Just want it to look nice and be easy to work with, mainly look nice.


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If you are looking for a static site that you can place links on, then why not look for a free or cheap template? I'm sure you can buy one for $20..