New Solusvm Rlease - 1.14 Stable


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It's not actually released yet via the panel I guess you could update via CLI? (Not tried)
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Who knew you weren't supposed to pass $_GET and $_POST to the command line on a SETUID root process?

This. It's horrifying when you realize how many people do things like these. Damn 12-year old coders.


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Will be interesting to see who suddenly exposes Solus to the world again and what comes of it.

Improvements made, due to audit...   

Anyone know if the audit is going to see daylight and the firm who performed the audit?


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A quick test on my end shows that they are still using bare mysql_query()... which means that any sqli bugs are likely still wide open.


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staticsafe new game

kaniini new game: own all the solusvm

staticsafe everytime you see mysql_query without sanitization in solusvm take another drink
This made me laugh - i had to post it.


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Took a closer look at SolusVM 1.14.  Current findings are:

Lots of potential SQLi's with $db->query() (their mysql_query(), essentially) involving lack of proper input validation.  Lots of SQL queries where it's like "SELECT * FROM database WHERE fooid > $value" -- $value needs to be first cast to int, and then validated.  Right now, SolusVM looks like this in a lot of places (code fragments are psuedocode illustrating the problem, not directly from SolusVM):

$start = $_POST['start'];
$res = $db->query("SELECT * FROM foolog WHERE id > $start");

This should be more like:

$start = (int) $_POST['start'];
if ($start > 0) {
$res = $db->query("SELECT * FROM foolog WHERE id > {$start}");
} else {
$res = null;

There are literally tons of these.  Man, if I were SolusVM I would be asking CNS Group for a refund.

As far as I can tell, they haven't really fixed anything and have basically bandaged up some of the more rotten areas of the code that had public exploits flying around care of that guy.  Oh, and the CSRF thing, but that's nothing compared to these validation errors.
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Waited 2 months and it's still a trainwreck... but we all knew that was going to happen, amirite?

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