OAuth Access by Genetic Markers - Coming to Web Soon?


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Using 23andme (Google backed genetic testing / reporting company) one programmer has given us a glimpse where OAuth + genetic testing might take us.

I present to you:

Genetic Access Control

Using the 23andme API it is now possible to utilize genetic profile information and likely phenotypes in custom applications. This means you can restrict access to your site based on traits including sex, ancestry, disease susceptability, and arbitrary characteristics associated with single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a person's genotype.

Possible uses

  • Creating "safe spaces" online where frequently attacked and trolled victim groups can congregate, such as a female-only community
  • Ethnoreligious sects may wish to limit membership, e.g. Hasidic Jewish groups restricting access to Ashkenazi or Sephardic maternal haplogroups with the "Cohen" gene
  • Safer online dating sites that only partner people with a low likelihood of offspring with two recessive genes for congenital diseases
  • Pharmaceutical applications that check for genetic predisposition to negative drug interactions before dispensing
  • Groups defined by ethnic background, e.g. Black Panthers or NAACP members

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