1. M


    Google Apps helps you run your business the way you want, with a suite of online tools including email, video meetings, file sharing, documents and calendars. More and more companies are going Google to get things done better, faster, easier, together. Google Business Email Service Features: -...
  2. drmike

    Google under fire in Europe for tax avoidance techniques

    Google is getting lots of heat for its long adhered to tax practices to "structure" "legally".  To lay folk, complicated funneling of proceeds to avoid tax liabilities, often in logical brains deemed tax avoidance and illegal. The UK has made Google pay $181 million USD for their misdeeds...
  3. lbft

    Amazon drops Glacier pricing and releases new cheap S3 storage option - Infrequent Access Amazon's Glacier is cheap (1 cent per GB per month) but it comes with long waits to retrieve data, and retrieval costs can jump quite high if you pull a lot of your data at once (like...
  4. souen

    Google introduces new parent company, Alphabet

    Google to restructure into new company called Alphabet Thoughts on the new name and restructuring?
  5. M

    New Youtube Interface! (2015)

    Headline says it all! Go, check it yourself! Some top Features: New Sleek Transparent panel Clean/ White based. Here is a snapshot:
  6. drmike

    OAuth Access by Genetic Markers - Coming to Web Soon?

    Using 23andme (Google backed genetic testing / reporting company) one programmer has given us a glimpse where OAuth + genetic testing might take us. I present to you: Genetic Access Control Using the 23andme API it is now possible to utilize genetic profile information and likely phenotypes...
  7. HalfEatenPie

    Google Earth Engine

    Howdy folks, So as you may or may not know, I'm actually a full-time scientist-y guy. I recently presented at a conference and surprisingly (or more likely unsurprisingly) Google was there to promote their Google Earth Engine. Now Google Earth Engine is awesome. It gives researchers access to...
  8. TurnkeyInternet

    TURNKEY: SEO Google Rank Optimized cPanel Web Hosting 100+ Class-C IPS Https Wordpress Joomla 50% of

    50% Off For Life! Hurry, good for new orders placed during our promotion! Additional 10% Off For Life when you pre-pay Annually! See for all included features, package options and to sign up (plans starting at $19.99/mo). TurnKey's...
  9. fixidixi

    SHA-1 sunsetting

    Hy, I've just received the newsletter from namecheap about this one. As I've seen even vpsboard uses SHA-1 in the chain...
  10. HalfEatenPie

    Inbox by GMail - Thoughts?

    So I've been using Google Inbox for a while now and I've got to say, I see them trying to make emails "easier", but I personally don't like it at all.   I absolutely dislike how they want to try and "clump" emails together, frequently mislabelling many of my emails.   Anyone have their own...
  11. sv01

    Free Google Domain Invitation [US Only]

    I've google domain invitation, but because I'm outside US I can't use these invitaion, I'll send to someone here I'll pick random (sorry) Hello, You requested to join the Google Domains invite-only beta and today we’re excited to offer you an invitation to join. To thank you for your...
  12. drmike

    Mergers and Acquisitions Monday - + Google and DirecTV + AT&T

    Looks like 2014 is the year of mass consolidation. It's good to be a rich old bastard these days. Today relative to the industry here, we have looking to sell out to Google for $1 billion. does game streaming. The biggie, AT&T is offering $48.5 billion for DirecTV.  In...
  13. MartinD

    Google Nexus 5

    Is anyone running the Nexus 5? I've just ordered one for the other half but wanted to know ahead of time if there's anything specific about it that should be pointed out? Cheers :)

    Nexus 5 is now available

    KitKat came out today and so did Nexus 5. If you're interested, you can czech it out here -
  15. eva2000

    Google migrating to MariaDB MySQL !

    MariaDB news - woah huge news it seems Google is also migrating to using MariaDB MySQL server just like Centmin Mod already has by default installed MariaDB ! Centmin Mod users are in good company with the likes of other...
  16. B

    Anyone here using other than Google for search

    Googling has become a common term now. But Google with its all new intelligence from our earlier search queries have started giving me un-related results at times. When I search a term, which is used in both technical and non-technical senses, all the results I get with google is technical. I...
  17. drmike

    Google: "Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy"

    Google: Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy Critics call revelation 'a stunning admission' as Google makes claim in court filing in attempt to head off class action lawsuit. Full story: The court...
  18. drmike

    Android OS growth DECLINES.

    Aug 8, ’13 11:24 AM Author Horace Dediu Categories Market Signs of US Android net user decline ComScore’s latest survey for US smartphone users showed that Android had 52% share of about 142 million users. That amounts to 73.84 million Android devices in use. ComScore’s previous such survey...
  19. drmike

    Removing 3rd Party "Spyware" from vpsBoard

    So, I am hyper critical of the sites I visit these days and even more critical of what is within the pages I visit. vpsBoard is one of my favorites, but in light of the NSA, FBI and their spying and entities like Google, Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, etc. all being willing co-conspirators to...

    Microsoft filing DMCA against Google

    Just few days ago, Microsoft by "mistake" asked Google to eliminate its own web pages from SERP. In summary, Microsoft wants Google to remove legitimate links to Microsoft as it is a violation of...