offended by "Balls Out" ?


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I saw the promotion and just thought it was some sort of inside joke that I was outside on. I still don't get it, but haven't thought about it again until this thread came out.


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I honestly didn't care that much, I'm not that easily offended and people do tend to add something in ads that should catch the audience eyes.

Were people really offended by this?


Nope. You always seem to theme all of your promos and this time you decided to theme would be balls. An interesting theme, but not offensive at all.


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I wouldn't worry about it. Your complainant seems to have a habit of playing the grumpy old man of late.


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I thought 24khost was bailing on the low end market or reducing interest in it... Taking their ball and playing with it elsewhere...

I take it LET hasn't been a big order generator lately?


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Bawls is probably the best energy drink I've ever had, too bad it's so hard to find/expensive.  Also, doesn't everyone like some bawls in their mouth once in awhile?
I do love a good bawlsing.

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Well the meaning of "balls out" was I posted over there. 

It basically means taking it to the limit, hard charging.

I didn't think it was rude but Oh well!  grumpy people made me wonder.

@,  I posted the only offer that really fit there.


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I think you should have done a left ball right ball promotion with bouncy balls being @ 90% off for life!! Making it the biggest balls of them all!! hahaha

I'm sure no one will complain about your balls being out then!! hahaha
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Ahh @24khost has some nutty promo themes.  Read the LET thread and it was moderately, well, LET.

People are wound too tightly or perhaps are high moral adherents.  Nothing wrong with that in my book.  I like the morally slim majority.

Balls have never been per se a PG thing in said context.  Balls all out is a squirrel who can't tuck thy nuts reference.  Stupid critters.

24khost, indeed I like.  Nothing wrong with causing a harmless stir.