phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?


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my choice is:

toad free for mysql,

mysql workbench


phpmyadmin: every once in a while if its a cpanel based host :) however no serious operations there.. exports only..


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Adminer seems to be very popular lately, so much that after customer requests, we created a cPanel icon and plugin on our servers. So far, our logs indicate that customers prefer Adminer over phpMyAdmin. 

The reason? Don't know, but maybe phpMyAdmin has become too bloated and overloaded. 


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Actually I use "Sequel Pro" on mac to do all the DB managing. It connects via SSH to my server. This way I don't have to run any PHP scripts on my server that might cause vulnerabilities, or open the MySQL port for external connections.

If I'm programming something, I use Coda which has a built in DB manager via SSH, too.


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Still using PHPMyAdmin (on cPanel Systems where it is preinstalled) and Adminer (on all handly managed servers).

So far, Adminer has all features i needed until today and if I manage Apache and MySQL databases manually i prefer to just upload one file for having a GUI instead of the "huge" PHPMyAdmin installation.

+1 Adminer


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nothing can beat phpMyAdmin in functionality. once you get a hang of it, it becomes very easy to work with.


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I think a desktop client (I use MySQLWorkbench and PGAdmin) and ssh tunnelling is definitely preferable. You get a better UI, you have one less thing to install and manage on the server, and it is more secure.

You do not have to use an ssh tunnel either - you can connect directly to the server if your firewall and the DB config let you. You will need to ensure you use encrypted connections (a bit of extra config) and you will increase your attack surface - but its still significantly better than a third party PHP script.


Goodness! Never knew about Adminer, looks really slimmed down.... not bad, I'll surely give this a try! Thanks for this!


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phpMyAdmin is my fav, handles every aspect of managing a SQL database server. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and makes the tasks of creating and managing databases simple


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I use PHPMYADMIN because i have use it for years.Secondly, I get this tool with every Cpanel Shared Hosting environment. Lastly, using PHPMYADMIN is easy and secure.


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PHPMyAdmin is widely used by all admins. It has all features to manage database.
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Over the years phpMyAdmin has never let me down whether MYSql or MariaDB its a pretty solid platform