Power saving settings and dedicated servers


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Is changing the power saving settings in Windows frowned upon? For example changing it from balanced to high performance (so it doesn't underclock the cpu). Or can I do whatever the hell I want?

I can't really find anything regarding this in their terms of use or acceptable use policy, etc.


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Should be totally OK i think, after all it's just a software setting and you are not messing with the BIOS. Some providers might not like it if you change BIOS settings.


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The way I see it is it's your server and you should be able to do what you want with it BUT at the same time you don't own the hardware or pay the electric bills so be sure to check the TOS/AUP for the provider and if in doubt, open a ticket with them to verify. I know a lot of dedicated providers I've looked into have clauses about not allowing anything that could increase the failure of hardware (i.e. overclocking) so if you force your CPUs or hard drives to stay active even when nothing is going on they might be able to ding you for that clause if something dies even though hardware dies all of the time while idle but at the end of the day it's their house, their rules.


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The Windows Power Settings should be fair game, as they just control what Windows does to save power. For example, on High Performance, Windows doesn't underclock the CPU or anything like that. Anything HARDWARE side, however, is different. That you should check with your provider on.


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Windows settings are probably fair game, but I would check with your provider prior to changing any BIOS settings.
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I generally don't mind under-clocking my servers, I don't always need the full power of the processor. Most modern servers will automatically step up and down the clock speed on the server with the demand.