PowerMTA 5.0r3 / Management console 1.5r19 / Interspire 6.2.1 w/addons / Mailwizz full support service


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Hey friends,

PowerMTA is the best and fastest mailing solution

I offer you the PowerMTA / Management Console autoinstaller developed by me, which includes the following products
PowerMTA 5.0r3 / PowerMTA 4.5r16 / Management Console 1.5r19

I provide full technical support for these software products, issue a complete technical database for these products, and also provide the most effective configurations for the delivery of your letters.

I will provide technical advice on the most optimal configuration of a large number of streams in PowerMTA with the necessary changes in the configuration of your server and, if necessary, will provide an excellent server for your mailings. Mailing topics are discussed in advance, before the server is issued. Also, I provide advice on quickly warming up IP addresses and effectively getting out of blacklists, in case of hit.

Also, I am the author of many scripts that help in quickly setting up PowerMTA and generate part of the PowerMTA config, which is formed from the IP addresses of your server.

Also, I provide a DNS service which is essential if you are sending large volumes of emails to corporate emails. Without this service, the speed of sending emails is significantly reduced.

I have developed a script to effectively check your email databases for BIG emails (Yahoo / MSN / GMail etc.)

I am currently developing a module that will pass PowerMTA traffic through other servers.

I have been working for a long time and have a lot of good reviews on various forums.

You can find out any news about my new developments and updates in this thread of this excellent forum for specialists.

My contacts:
Jabber: [email protected] , [email protected]
Telegram: DarkDaemons


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I offer you a complete set for spam mailings based on PowerMTA 5.0r3 / 4.5r16 / Management Console 1.5r19 / Interspire 6.2.1 with Maborak addons / Mailwizz / AMS Enterprise

The cost of the main kit is $300

What are you getting?

1. Autoinstaller PowerMTA 5.0r3 / 4.5r16 / Management Console 1.5r19 (Management Console is a system of cumulative statistics and delivery monitoring)

2. My installation videos.

3. Software that generates emails:
- Interspire with Maborak addons, rules for Remote Bounce Processor
- Mailwizz with addons (Backup manager, Drag Drop Editor, Personal attachment)
- AMS Enterprise

4. Bonuses
- free technical support and updates throughout the year
- one month of free access to a large number of DNS servers for effective mailing
- Access to the database of different PMTA configurations that I managed to find on various PMTA servers
- Intelligent configuration system PMTA. You just need to create and register PTR records for the IP addresses of your server and my script will generate a ready-made configuration file for you
- My script will generate DKIM DMARC SPF records for you
- Technique for effective warming up of IP addresses before sending
- Good bulletproof hosting

5. Additional paid scripts

HidePMTA. Hiding the real location of your PMTA server.
How it works: the script is hung up in CRON and will follow the file with a list of your VPSs on which the gateways are cost. The script rebuilds the PMTA configuration file to match the current gateways and allows mail to be sent through remote servers. The remote server in the PMTA config looks like a regular VMTA.
Features of work: You can install PMTA server on completely "white" and inexpensive hosting. For example, Hetzner. In the event of a complaint, it will go to the VPS purchased for a few euros, and not to your main server. Also, delivery of letters with large attachments, for example, 10 megabytes, goes at high speed and without any problems. At the same time, using socks to send attachments of similar sizes at high speeds is unrealistic.
Cost: $ 300

PMTA Bounce Control. A script for processing bounces from your server logs with the highlighting of unrecognized responses.
How it works: the script is hung in CRON and processes PMTA logs with non-existent emails and domains being added to the list of exclusions. Also, the script highlights unrecognized responses in the logs that need to be classified manually and written in a separate file.
Cost: $ 100

Checker email databases.
How it works: the script checks your corp database in multi-threaded mode via MX and creates several files
- corporate emails
- emails on big hosting
- corporate domains located on big hosting
Features of work: allocation of corporate domains located on big hosting, to which it is necessary to send according to the rules of these servers.
Cost: $ 300

6. Additional paid services

-- Administration of your servers. By agreement.
-- Rapid raising of a large number of PowerMTA servers for your needs. By agreement.


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I remind all existing customers that you can access my knowledge base on PMTA and other mailing-related products by writing me an email in PM.


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Latest news:

Mailwizz has started developing a new branch of its 2.x script. The main difference between this branch is the ability to check all email addresses for validity through 6 external services. The cost of checking each address is relatively low. Moreover, you can choose what to check, company emails, emails during import, emails during export, as well as emails already in existing mailing lists.

Upgrading Mailwizz from 1.x to 2.x is exactly the same as between 1.x, with a few exceptions
1. You must disable external addons, if any, before the end of the upgrade.
2. You must make the default language English before the upgrade is complete.
3. Add one more line for processing the mail queue to CRON. Eighth. There are only seven of them in versions 1.x.

My upgrade process went quickly and easily.


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Service news

1. Updated PMTA Bounce Control module.
- Now the processed responses of mail servers for further classification are placed in separate files so that you can effectively make your own changes to the default settings.
- Added a system for keeping track of statistics for each group of processed emails.
- The module is optimized for speed.
- Buyers of the module will be given the opportunity to access a remote database of unrecognized PMTA responses.
- This option works exclusively with the PMTA 5.0r7 version, since it implements the loading of the config via the http / https protocols from a remote server.

2. Updated Mailwizz to version 2.0.31

3. Updated Interspire to version 6.4.0

4. All updates will now be posted on a closed client resource, designed in the form of a knowledge base for the above products and not only.
We plan to publish carefully selected training courses for mailings, on the Linux operating system, ready-made landing pages for mailings, information on the correct monetization of email databases and much more.
The customer knowledge base will be accessed after purchasing this package and before the expiration of one year of technical support.

5. Improved the algorithm for checking your databases for spamtraps. Spamtraps are now detected almost without error. While in manual mode.

6. You can register to work with TPProxy using this link.

TProxy is a unique module that will allow your PMTA to work with proxy servers and send mail.


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Service news

For english-speaking users of the TPROXY service, a completely english-language module has been made.
TPROXY service allows your PMTA to fully work with proxy servers.