1. D

    PowerMTA 5.0r3 / Management console 1.5r19 / Interspire 6.2.1 w/addons / Mailwizz full support service

    Hey friends, PowerMTA is the best and fastest mailing solution I offer you the PowerMTA / Management Console autoinstaller developed by me, which includes the following products PowerMTA 5.0r3 / PowerMTA 4.5r16 / Management Console 1.5r19 I provide full technical support for these software...
  2. drmike

    Quadranet Needs to BAN SMTP. Spammer UTOPIA.

    So for a long time I was blah about Colocrossing because they were, and sort of continue to be a spam source that needed reigned in. Now currently Quadranet is blowing up on Senderbase.  See: They are SECOND on the Top          25         50    ...
  3. DomainBop

    Unethical Ernie Quick and HudsonValleyHost Get 131K IPs Blacklisted and Try To Sell Customers A $10

    Spamhaus blacklisted over 131K ColoCrossing IPs this weekend for repeat offenses and Ernie Quick of Hudson Valley Host and Jon Biloh of ColoCrossing are trying to use the blacklisting as an opportunity to squeeze more money from customers for a $10 mail service add-on.  TL;DR Ernie just earned...
  4. rupe

    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    I have a Postfix/Dovecot mail server setup on m WeLoveServers VPS. The setup has 4 rarely used email accounts on it, and is secured against relay and other common mail server abuse exploits. I don't send much email from the accounts, and really just use them for collecting and processing (sieve)...
  5. Kris

    B2 Net Solutions (ColoCrossing) and ChicagoVPS Spam

    I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed...
  6. drmike

    Colocrossing Achieves Top 5 Rank

    (originally posted over on WebhostingTalk) ColoCrossing Achieves Top 5 Rank Places in Top 1% of all Networks Globally FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Buffalo, NY – June 11, 2014, a leading provider of scalable internet hosting solutions, and an Inc. 5000 Honoree,  announced today...
  7. drmike

    Dear Spamhaus, why can't you group providers right?

    Dear Spamhaus, Why can't you group providers right? Spamhaus is a site all the company owners around here are likely familiar with.  Lists bad behaving networks with spam activity.  Groups of dirty IPs. That shows, 18 current entries...
  8. drmike

    ColoCrossing, Quick to Get Large IP Blocks Issued and Faster to Soil Them

    Back in December ColoCrossing was issued by ARIN a /14 of IP space: NetRange: - CIDR: OriginAS: AS36352 NetName: CC-17 NetHandle: NET-107-172-0-0-1 Parent: NET-107-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Allocation...
  9. drmike

    Spamhaus Petitions UK Government for Monetary Penalties Against Bad Networks

    Spamhaus is going after bad network operators via UK government now. Whole story: