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If I want some of my browsing in the office to be private, what are my options given that I dont have admin account in my windows workstation?

Is it only use a VPS with windows and just VNC there?



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+1 for SSHuttle.   Downside as is with SSHuttle is that if the connection breaks your traffic will start leaking out through the office connection.

But, SSHuttle may not work for you as it is a take all data sort of thing.  It routes everything over the tunnel.  So LAN based stuff probably won't work correctly.

You can always setup a SSH Tunnel and use autossh to keep the tunnel open and reconnect as needed.  When you do that it's often a SOCKS5 proxy setting and you are good to go.  Best to install a second browser for your private use and set it up with the SOCKS/SSH tunnel setting and keep that open just for private browsing.


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A VNC/RDP setup wouldn't be the worst idea, unless you watch a lot of flash videos or something. You don't even need a very hefty VPS for most browsing.

Always nice to have a remote desktop, especially for something like this,  I probably would setup Ubuntu + lxde or xfce with NoMachine (NX). 
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And if your company blocks ssh tunnels (like mine) your can always plug your smartphone to your PC to use it's internet connection.

Best privacy: Use your own internet connection.


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btw, my workstation in the office is Windows 7.  It seems SShuttle is not for windows.
Sshuttle is indeed not Windows.

If I were still in Windows land, I'd do the ssh tunnel via putty.  I believe that's an option.

Optionally, if you have dd-wrt or similar derivative equipped router/wifi, probably can do tunneling through there.

Just a few ideas for those on Windows.