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I have gotten pretty good at php, but it is time for a change. I want to concentrate on a new, more modern, and functional language, but I do not know which to choose from. I want the code to be of some value to the future. What I mean by this is that I want something that is going to be used commonly throughout the future like php. I commonly build web applications so I would like it to support http in some way, either by a cgi script or something else. What would you suggest considering this all? 

I have also seen a lot of things about go recently, is it worth the invested time and effort and will it do as I wish for now and the future?

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So, because you stated PHP, I'm assuming you want more web-application focused languages or?

Could you be specific on what you intend on doing? For example if you want to develop games well... C++/C

If you want to develop websites well:

PHP, nodejs, etc.


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Web application focused, but not entirely. I want something that has all around functionality. 


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You could pick a PHP framework like Laravel to learn. Other than that I'd say probably Python.
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You can go web with ASP.NET or go Windows development. If you want something that will get you into heavy dev go this route. You can always move over to Java very easy and do Android dev. 

After C# go C/C++ then ASM if you like deep level coding.

Otherwise you can branch out to Perl, Python for web app and server scripts.

Javascript might be an option, but it is one of the most dynamic languages now and can become a real adventure over time.
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