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As the amount of virtual servers I own increased, I had trouble keeping track of them, what their purpose was and all their details (cost, memory, etc.). I used to keep an excel spreadsheet, but it wasn't able to do a lot of what I wanted. Over the week or so, I have been working on a server management system and I just wanted to showcase where it is at here.

Initially, it started pretty basic with just keeping track of servers and their various details, but now it sports a few more features:

  • Ping checking with history, email notifications and status badges
  • Solus VM integration
    Rather than typing data in yourself, this system can pull in all of the data the SolusVM API makes available
  • Pull all IP address from solus
  • Pull HDD space from solus
  • Pull RAM amount from solus
  • Direct implementation of solus page
[*]General Management
  • Servers can have a purpose
  • Servers show the time left with a progress bar

It is built on Django and uses Bootstrap V3. I posted some screenshots to give you a better example of what it is all about:

Homepage / Server List


Specific servers

Server Details


Server Specs


Server uptime


Server purpose


Server SolusVM integration (pulls data from SolusVM)


Server Admin

The images below are split because the page was too tall for one screenshot.





Both the email notifications when the server goes down or up



Currently, the source is hosted in a private repository (Bitbucket) but if people want, I can upload it to Github. The code is now on Github! This is still way before any type of formal versioned release. Since this uses the Django framework, it is harder to deploy than a simple PHP script. If I release it on Github, I will post installation instructions for Debian and Ubuntu systems. Debian and Ubuntu instructions are now online! The docs are at

Here is the link to the git repository:
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I have added a link to the Github in the above post at the end. I have not written the documentation yet, but it is in the works.


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The rest of the documentation is written and is up. If you have any troubles along the way, let me know so I can write it into the documentation. 
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The rest of the documentation is written and is up. If you have any troubles along the way, let me know so I can write it into the documentation. 
Very nicely done script with great documentation written and set up. Will be setting this up in a while and reporting on my experience.


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Someone downloaded this and have it up and running?

Anyone have install steps to share for this?


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@buffalooed, I got it up and running last night. The install steps were more or less the same as the ones listed in the install guide, but there were some difficulties with a few packages and thanks [email protected] for spending time with me to help fix the issues.


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I am getting an error with PIP on Debian Wheezy. Anyone have any ideas?

I got it. I needed python-dev.
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Oh are we having an install party :) ?   

Someone document their Debian installation please and we'll post it as a tutorial --- or you can.