Some strong words from none other than LowEndAdmin


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Hello everyone!

Our fearless ex-leader dropped me an email earlier tonight with this closing tid bit that he was OK with me sharing.

If what you've said is true, I'm quite surprised at the events and how quick Joel turned the site to ColoCrossing. It would be March last year when CC took over the hosting after extended DDoS? Sounds like I've passed the sites onto the wrong hands. Explicitly not wanting a corporation to take over and this happened.

It's good that a new site has been setup for the refugees. May the spirit lives on.
He did a write up on G+ confirming what I've been saying all along, that Joel didn't pay a dime for the site.


It's a good read and it's nice to hear from him.

He passes word that, thankfully, no dingos have eaten his babies.

/me tips hat

EDIT - Thanks Mun!

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Does anyone remain in contact with Joel? It'd be interesting to hear his take too.


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I came here and the first thing to read was this.

I am happy to know that he still remembers us n_n

Thanks for sharing.


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Chief will not answer. I mean - if this is true - what should he say?
"I always wanted to open a kite surfing business and Colocrossing offered me enough money to live my dream."

I'm not mad at the guy. He's human. He's doing what he wants. Just hate seeing it all go down in private and not being able to get an answer until shit hit the fan and they got outed.


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This saddens me to read.

I'm speechless, all that is left is the bad taste in my mouth regarding Joel. That man lost my respect.


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FUCK LET.  The post @wlanboy made is not public visible.  They are hiding it or flagged it.

So I typed the screencap up.  

Can someone else go post it?

--- snip ---

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Shared publicly - 12:26 AM

I think I am a bit late to the party, of all the mess of LowEndTalk getting repeatedly hacked and the whole ownership with ColoCrossing thingy.

Gotta say that it saddens me a little. It shouldn't -- I've abandoned that ship early last year and don't really want to get attached to it. I thought I've handed it over to some trusted hands. Maybe. Maybe not.

I guess I can at least clarify some of the mis-information here, especially when I expressed my intention to retire back in January 2012.

First of all, Jon Biloh of ColoCrossing did approach me (in am email on 22 Jan 2012) about acquiring the site.  I rejected the offer, stating the reason that I hoped LowEndBox can stay independent, and then told him I've found someone suitable, i.e. Joel aka Chief, which I did so in email exchanges with him on 20 Jan 2012.

There seems to be a mis-conception that I've sold LowEndBox/LowEndTalk to Joel. Well, NO. No money has been exchanged. In fact I've allowed him to continue operating on the Linode that I've paid for.  I was simply passing the baton -- here's the passwords and the domain EPP, take good care of it! Some people might think it's mad by "giving away" two websites with 500k page views a month combined.  But hey, a lot of people don't treat money as their priority in life.

Well. Not saying Chief doesn't have a right to sell the website. He has managed to continue growing the websites, and all power to him if he managed to find a buyer who is willing to pay good money for it.  I really have nothing to say really, since the site is no longer mine.

Just a little bit sad. That's all.


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I say post the pic and post the text.  Let the search engines pick the words up :)

@wlanboy, push LET and topic and why it is not visible.   I find such censorship (as it appears to be) by Colocrossing absolutely offensive.


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I'm quite surprised at the events and how quick Joel turned the site to ColoCrossing. It would be March last year when CC took over the hosting after extended DDoS?

So @Francisco, where's your horse race money placed on the date when Colocrossing took over Lowendtalk and Lowendbox?

Appears as I've been saying, February take over by Joel (given sites for free to continue the community). 

March 5th - 12th (roughly) DDoS.

Then immediately thereafter, the sites move from Linode to Colocrossing.

Traffic graphs from Alexa show a curious March or thereabout upward trajectory.

The options for CC take over are:

1. The date Joel took possession (February 2012).

2. After the DDoS (which also took down WHT) (March 2012)

3. When BuySellAds started running on LET (September - October 2012)

4  Last week prior to the hacks (May 2013).

My money, #3.