TeraFire -- VPS Hosting @ $7/mo


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OpenVZ VPS Servers from TeraFire.Net

Starter VPS
1 CPU Core​
Unique IP Address​
500MB RAM/500vSwap​
45 GB Disk Space​
600 GB Transfer​
Standard Features
VM Panel​
IRC Allowed​
Setup Support​
OS Templates​
Root Access​

X2 - +4/mo
X4 - +7/mo
X6 - +11/mo
X8 - +19/mo

768MB Ram (+ 768 MB Swap) - +2/mo
1024MB Ram (+ 1024 MB Swap) - +5/mo
1536MB Ram (+ 1536 Swap) - +6/mo
1792MB Ram (+ 1792 Swap) - +8/mo
2048MB Ram (+ 2048 Swap) - +10/mo
2304MB Ram (+ 2304 Swap) - +12/mo

Disk Space
50GB + 3/mo
70GB + 5/mo
90GB + 7/mo
110GB + 9/mo

Bandwidth Tier
1000 GB Transfer - + 2/mo
1500 GB Transfer - + 4/month
2000 GB Transfer - + 6/mo
2500 GB Transfer - + 8/mo

Extra IPS:

Location: Lithuania

What is TeraFire?

Terafire is an internet hosting company founded on the principal of honesty, integrity, and solidarity. One of our biggest selling points is the ability to leave the customer to do what they want with their space without much interference from us.

What can TeraFire do for me?

We can host your website; business applications; personal applications. We have an always up redundant connection on our off-shore servers. 

We accept US/Canadian Credit Cards, as well as BitCoin, and are open to many other payment options (don't hesitate to contact [email protected]

Our connections are backed by Globalcom, linxtelecom, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon, and Global Crossing at 200/Mbps

What sets TeraFire apart from other hosting companies?

To start, a relaxed AUP. You paid for your services, and you get to do what you want with it. IRC and Torrents are perfectly okay to use on our servers. Encryption is okay. You can bank with us with peace of mind.

We put personal freedom, reliability, and personal security as our #1 priorities. 
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Can you please give the locations for your service? Also if you have it available a Test Ip/Test download file?



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Currently offering double bandwidth for all VPSBoard members that sign up from now until July 15th. After you place your order send us a message on here with your user name.