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Hey Guys,

   If you're like me you have a dozen projects going on at any given time and no time to do them all (or you'd rather spend your free time with your wife and kids).

Anyone have any project "domains" that they plan on doing something with some day?

For intance, I own / net and I'm thinking about using that for just a Dedicated Servers (a DBA). 


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More project domains than I need. Actually just bought back a domain that I sold off a couple years ago for a project, that the new owner didn't do anything with and it became available again.

A few domains I've been renewing for years as well, with nothing yet, but ideas for them.


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I've got... About three, I guess, although I am slowly working on the project for one of them :p.


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Let's see.. project related domains.. I have about 6. Not working on any of them really..

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I have three or four I can think of right off the bat. Two are in use with projects progressing slowly on them, two are offline, though I know what I want to do with them.