UK Based VPS?


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Hello everybody, first post from me, Happy New year, and that.

I need a UK VPS. Has to be in the UK, with a UK IP.

Need it to download the BBC with get_iplayer. I'll likely set up a private proxy for myself as well. Have I mentioned the UK IP address? I travel abroad a lot, and it's murder trying to do stuff like internet banking from abroad. Especially on a smartphone. The BBC is blocking VPN's left, right, and centre. I gots my TV licence, I wants my entertainment.

So, the crirteria would be - Linux, cheap, UK based, hopefully they accept BTC.

I have plenty of VPSes, all over the world. All churning away, making money, but I am finding it hard to find reliable info on an actual UK based VPS. Some claim to be, but I really can't be sure. If I was starting a hosting business, the last place I would locate my servers would be the UK. Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot, folks.

Talk to you all soon.


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Did you manage to find a host in UK? As far as I know, most of the UK based hosting companies won't allow you to setup a private proxy. Perhaps you can check one of the hosting review sites where all reliable UK based hosting providers are listed along with the server features they allow.


Did you get a UK host?
I looked at tsohost and cyberhostpro.
See which one suits your needs better.

Or go totally against the tide and get a host with an IP address from Switzerland. Swiss hosts are allowed to be broadcasted at, from the UK.


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