UK Based VPS?


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Hello everybody, first post from me, Happy New year, and that.

I need a UK VPS. Has to be in the UK, with a UK IP.

Need it to download the BBC with get_iplayer. I'll likely set up a private proxy for myself as well. Have I mentioned the UK IP address? I travel abroad a lot, and it's murder trying to do stuff like internet banking from abroad. Especially on a smartphone. The BBC is blocking VPN's left, right, and centre. I gots my TV licence, I wants my entertainment.

So, the crirteria would be - Linux, cheap, UK based, hopefully they accept BTC.

I have plenty of VPSes, all over the world. All churning away, making money, but I am finding it hard to find reliable info on an actual UK based VPS. Some claim to be, but I really can't be sure. If I was starting a hosting business, the last place I would locate my servers would be the UK. Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot, folks.

Talk to you all soon.


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Did you manage to find a host in UK? As far as I know, most of the UK based hosting companies won't allow you to setup a private proxy. Perhaps you can check one of the hosting review sites where all reliable UK based hosting providers are listed along with the server features they allow.