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    Shared hosting is simply another term for web hosting, to us, it does not mean sacrificing performance for affordability.  We offer powerful plans while still staying in your monthly budget.

    For 365Networks, it has never been the money, it is about providing a outstanding, reliable and honest service. We have a team of dedicated hosting professionals who do this for a living, not a hobby. We guarantee we will be your first and last stop. All our servers run the latest version of DirectAdmin, as well as having a Varnish caching server in Europe, and two more nodes being deployed next month. This ensures fast loading sites for your clients no matter where they are! Minimal server specs include 8 core 2.5GHz Xeon's, 16GB DDR2 ECC Registered RAM, and fast SATA drives. Dual DNS servers ensures redundant and guaranteed accessibility to your websites and emails at all times.

    Our network consists of multiple transit providers such as Cogent, HE.NET, and peering from KCIX. All servers are connected via 1Gbps ethernet to the national backbone. All packages include your own login to the DirectAdmin Control Panel, Softaculous is also included from us, free of charge.

    Require a tailored/custom package? We would love to make that happen! See a plan and want a more space or more bandwidth? Less space or less bandwidth? Please contact us directly here and we will make sure you are fully satisfied throughout the whole process!


    • DirectAdmin Control Panel
    • Worldwide DNS/Varnish Caching Servers
    • Kansas City, KS - USA Datacenter
    • Softaculous Auto Installer
    • CGI, PHP5, DNS Control - SSL enabled on request
    • DDoS Mitigation Available
    • 24/7 Support via ticket
    • 99% Uptime (SLA)

    With the release of our new website design, we have released a FREE DOMAIN promotion available with specific packages!
    Available TLDs: .biz .pw .eu .name .ru .us .info .org .asia .in .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk .net.ru .org.ru .co.in .net.in .org.in .firm.in .gen.in .ind.in

    - Package 'Large' includes a free domain with ANY choice of payment period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially, triennially)

    - Package 'Medium' includes a free domain with a minimal payment period of quarterly or higher (3 months or more)

    - Package 'Small' includes a free domain with a minimal payment period of annual or higher (1 year or more)

    • •• •DirectAdmin Shared Hosting • •• •

    Value Package

    Storage: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 100GB
    Domains & sub-domains: 5
    MySQL Databases: 10
    eMail & FTP Accounts: 75 each
    Price: $1.50 /mo

    Small Package

    Storage: 15GB
    Bandwidth: 150GB
    Domains & sub-domains: 15
    MySQL Databases: 15
    eMail & FTP Accounts: 150 each
    Price: $2.50 /mo

    Medium Package

    Storage: 30GB
    Bandwidth: 300GB
    Domains & sub-domains: 50
    MySQL Databases: 50
    eMail & FTP Accounts: 500 each
    Price: $6.00 /mo

    Large Package

    Storage: 50GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    Domains & sub-domains: 125
    MySQL Databases: 100
    eMail & FTP Accounts: 1000 each
    Price: $13.00 /mo

    365Networks also has cPanel hosting based in USA which is listed here.

    All accounts are set up instantly once payment has been received and verified. Please take this time to read out ToS and AUP available on the main website.

    PayPal, Credit Card (via PayPal), and Bitcoin (via Bitpay) accepted. We are currently in the progress of accepting Google Wallet and Moneybookers (Skrill).

    We welcome you to price match from other verified, genuine websites, we guarantee you will have the best web hosting experience with 365Networks. 2 day free trials available if you ask nicely!

    Warm regards,