Vepp - New Website/Server Management Software. Feedback Needed

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    Mar 24, 2016
    Hi there everyone,

    I’m from ISPsystem — the company develops software for hosting since 2004. Right now, we’re working on Vepp, the software for managing websites on a VPS, dedicated server, or in a cloud. Existing hosting panels are good and full of features but more focused on hosting and admins. Vepp is more simple, faster, and requires fewer tech skills, which is good for inexperienced users.

    Alpha testing

    We plan to launch Vepp later in 2019. However, we’d like to invite the vpsBoard community to test its alpha now. It’s important for us to know professional opinion on software logic, user-friendliness, and UI. Vepp is now available for testing as SaaS: To start testing, you need a clean server with root access and CentOS 7. It may be a small VPS from your hosting provider.


    The concept of Vepp

    When developing Vepp and working on its UI we took global trends into account. The number of websites keeps increasing. Site builders become more and more popular. CMSs get easier to use. All in all, people need less technical skills to manage a website. Vepp is a solution for those who need all the benefits of CMS but don’t want to face complicated server settings.

    Example. It takes only one click to set up a website in Vepp. You only need to enter a domain name. Vepp will add a domain on web server level for you. It will also automatically create a database and install the latest PHP version.

    Another example. Connect your server to Vepp. Vepp will order a free Let’s Encrypt certificate for your domain. You can later change the domain settings and add another SSL if needed.

    Would be grateful for your feedback on the product or hypotheses!