VPS-Related domain auction

D. Strout

Resident IPv6 Proponent
I am selling the following two domains:

1. Was registered on February 25, 2013 and expires February 24, 2014.

2. Was registered on February 19, 2013 and expires February 19, 2015. It was transferred from GoDaddy to Namecheap, hence the extra year.

The auction ends Saturday, June 8th at 5:00PM BST (4:00PM UTC, 12:00PM EST). The minimum bid for both domains is $5, increment $1. Please refer to domains by number. Example:

Domain 1: $5

Domain 2: $8

This is to keep search engines from picking up the auction.

Payment is by Paypal only, no exceptions.
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D. Strout

Resident IPv6 Proponent
I should mention that the winner of 2 also gets a similar domain with two "S"es instead of one for free. In other words, you get:

for free if you win domain 2. This domain was registered at the same time as 2, but has not yet been transferred. I intend to transfer it tomorrow, June 4, when Namecheap enables the 98 cent coupon, so by the time the auction is over on Saturday it will be at Namecheap with the extra year as well.

D. Strout

Resident IPv6 Proponent
I think the layout was more suited to it :( Ah well, we'll see. FWIW I have completed the transfer of the extra domain to Namecheap. The details are now the same as domain 2.