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Perhaps the motivation that comes with each new year to make improvements in ones personal life is still burning strong, but I am more excited and motivated than ever to push vpsBoard beyond just being a discussion forum, and instead towards being a valuable resource to providers and consumers alike.

As most of you have probably seen already, we have introduced 'The Library' which can be read about in more detail This is the first big change and will be an area reserved for the collection of quality tutorials, guides, and editorials. While the Library is currently in early stages it will continue to grow as new content will soon be added on a regular basis. I have assembled a great small team of writers who are more than capable to produce excellent content that will be relevant to those of all skill levels, as VPS consumers and even as providers. Starting next month I hope to begin getting new content published to the library, and will continue to promote quality topics created by others as well. (Trust me, the topic list of future articles are great!)

"Yes, you told us this already in your Library announcement thread."

Yeah yeah, I'm getting to the new(er) stuff now.

Another thing I am excited to begin moving forward on is... (drum roll, anyone? No. Okay) ... the 'Public Record' section of the library. vpsBoard has over 300 "Verified Providers", these are providers who have either been in business for a year or more or have supplied us with business registration documents that would suggest that they are indeed a legitimate business and do not have hidden WhoIS records.

The biggest task of this new "Public Records" section will be the creation of all new company or provider profiles. Each profile will list the company name, URL to company's site, already existing public information such as business registration documents, contact information and a WhoIS snapshot of what the WhoIS record is at the time of creating the profile. Relevant threads and any other noteworthy information (Change of ownership, data breaches, etc) will be added as needed in the hopes that we can create a valuable resource of information for those looking up providers. An example of how this may look can be seen here: (rough mockup).

The Public Records section will also contain and archive files such as those seen here ( ), a public list of members who were banned and why they were banned, and just be a general place of record keeping for anything relevant or of interest. It will also contain a copy of all lists made, such as "Providers who offer DDoS filtering services", "Providers who accept BitCoin", etc. :)

All of this will be made easy to locate and find and will integrate directly with the existing forum.

"Ok, I get. Library, records, stuff.. what else?"

Sheesh. Well, besides that (which is a ton of effort and work, mind you!) I'd like to reintroduce additional contest challenges in 2015 and be more involved in the hosting industry as well as just general organization of things around the forum (fixing little bugs and qwerks).

Additionally, we're always open to suggestions and these can be made or !

In short: We're getting shit done and creating a more valuable resource for learning and research. Just thought you all may want to know. :)
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