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Just sent out the vpsBoard summer newsletter. A copy of it is below for you to discuss if you wish to do such things. Otherwise check your email, it'll arrive shortly. Instructions on how to unsubscribe are shown in the email.

Hey there {member_name},

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vpsBoard website updates

Have you seen the new vpsBoard website? We upgraded our forum software and are sporting a fresh new look! There were a few kinks and issues that occurred after the upgrade of the live site that did not occur on the dev and test server where the new software was tested previously, however all the kinks have been worked out and the site is performing wonderfully. If you've not logged in or stopped by in the past month then you've probably not seen the new site. Check it out!

The new site combines some great new performance features as well as many end-user features and updates such as a greatly improved private messaging system, post editor, user profiles (Example: ), search function and Questions and Answers fourm (View the threads and upvote good answers!).

New features include automatic storage of post drafts so that you can leave and finish your submission later, an SSL proxy for embedded images that are hosted on non-SSL 3rd party websites (Prevents breaking pages when non SSL images are embedded on a SSL enabled page), automatic embedding of YouTube URLs (no longer requires the media tag), improved member mentioning system (Just type "@" followed by their name. As you type a drop down will appear with usernames), and many UI and interface updates to modernize the website!

vpsBoard rules and policy updates

In an effort to standardize our offer submission rules across our marketplace forums as well as to make managing new submissions easier we've updated the rules on posting new offers. In case you missed the thread discussing this the update to the rules prohibits the use of attention grabbing special characters in submissions and removes the requirement that all submissions should include the datacenter in the offer. Providers are still encouraged to provide detailed and informative offers that includes relevant information such as datacenter location, datacenter used, test IPs, network carriers, etc however none of these are a requirement any longer as it was too often ignored. If you are interested in obtaining this information from a provider who posts an offer please respond to their thread and request this information.

vpsBoard member project spotlight:

We have many very talented and skilled members at vpsBoard, and I'd like to give recognition to some great projects that are being developed by them. These spotlights are chosen by MannDude and their mentions in the newsletter are done so without payment or persuasion from the owners of the project. They're simply projects that I feel are useful and worth mention both for those in the industry as providers and those as end-users.

For the first project spotlight, we'll focus on HostGuard  ( ), a VPS control panel project. Focused on security and usability, HostGuard promises to be a viable alternative to SolusVM and Virtualizor which are commonly used by the VPS hosting industry. Features include an easy to use RPM based installation and automated roll out method to all slave servers once added to the master, easily modified custom templates for unique branding and visual differentiation and responsive themes, simplified IPv4 and IPv6 management that allows you to more easily set MAC Addresses, RDNS records, integration into billing systems such as WHMCS and Blesta, a JAVAless console utilizing NoVNC to allow you to manage your VPS with the command line from any modern browser as well as an extensive developer API.

The screenshots on their website showcase a visually pleasing and apparently feature packed platform that looks quite promising. In their original 2014 press release posted to vpsBoard it was mentioned that their developed code was audited by the security experts over at Rack911 and that their security goals were reached. Reviewing their website they have pricing listed now for licensing and it's quite competitive with a free license offered for personal use limited to two nodes and a commercial license at only $5/mo per node.

I have been told that there should be news coming soon regarding HostGuard, and as such, I have chosen them for our first project spotlight. In an industry plagued by cookie-cutter web hosting companies utilizing the same software as everyone else to manage their businesses it is a breath of fresh air to witness a serious attempt at creating a viable alternative to software that has no direct competition. I am a fan of what I have seen of HostGuard and do wish Richard and his team the best of luck with competing with the likes of SolusVM, Virtualizer and OnApp.

For more information please visit the HostGuard website linked to above.

In Closing

Well, that's it! That's the newsletter. If you're livid and appalled by the fact that you received this email then see the instructions at the bottom of this email to ensure you don't receive them in the future, otherwise do nothing and you may receive email from us once every 3 or 4 months. Anyhow, we've done some big updates to vpsBoard and have some more improvements coming in the future. Things like the automatic posting to our Twitter feed ( ) from certain forums will continue again soon and we'll start using our Facebook page soon as well also. Please go ahead and give us a 'Like' on Facebook ( ) and I promise we'll bring some content to it soon and share some relevant and noteworthy items for you to check out.

See ya' around the forums!


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 How dare you email me! I was not anticipating the arrival of this email and am appalled that I received it! How do I ensure I do not ever receive an email from you again?!

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"Why are you spamming me?  OMG I'm reporting you to Spam cop!  I will not stand for this!  My email account is used to receive real mail not your spam!  What you did here is worse than murdering my family you evil person!"

All jokes aside, cool write up.  


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"Why are you spamming me?  OMG I'm reporting you to Spam cop!  I will not stand for this!  My email account is used to receive real mail not your spam!  What you did here is worse than murdering my family you evil person!"

All jokes aside, cool write up.  

If you look in the admin section you'll see a post titled, "May newsletter draft"...

The idea was to finish and submit this in May. Then life happened and I got distracted.


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Thanks for the plug @MannDude.

We have definitely been very busy getting the solid foundation together and automating as much as possible.