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  1. MannDude

    MannDude Just a dude vpsBoard Founder Moderator

    Mar 8, 2013
    It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost over, and with that comes the first annual 'Provider of the year' polling. We've seen some great up and comers this year that have been making a splash in the industry as well as have been treated by the many tried and true established options as well. Although there are many great and solid hosting options, only one can be named the top provider of 2014.

    The rules are simple and straight forward, there is no need for this to be complicated. If your account was created before right now, you can vote. If your account was created after right now, you can not vote.

    You have 5 points, you can assign them as you see fit. For example:

    • Host A - 3 points
    • Host B - 1 point
    • Host C - 1 point

    or any variation of the above. 1 point to 5 hosts, or 5 points to 1 host. They're your points, assign them however you wish. Out of votes but still want to show your support? Honorable Mentions will also be accepted.  The top 5 Honorable Mention providers will receive a shout-out in the announcement thread!"

    The voting officially ends on December 31st at 11:59PM (EST). Any vote casted after this time will not be counted.

    The winner will be announced within the following day.

    Q.) I own multiple brands, will votes between them all be grouped towards the one parent?

    A.) No. Each individual brand will be counted separately.

    Q.) Can I ask customers for votes on social media?

    A.) Yes, of course. That's fine. This comes but once a year so feel free to ask for support from your customer-base to be crowned the 'top provider of 2014'

    Q.) What do I get if my company wins?

    A.) Bragging rights for an entire year of being voted the top provider! Okay, how about one free 125X125 banner ad for six months (Cash Value: $270). Don't have a 125X125 banner ad? No worries, I'll throw in $100 towards media creation for the designer of your choice and a custom title under your name that proudly proclaims you were the vpsBoard 2014 provider of the year (Cash value: Priceless)

    Q.) Can providers vote for themselves?

    A.) That's just tacky. I'm going to have to say.. 'No'.

    Questions? Let me know and I'll add the question and answer to the section above.
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  2. Nick

    Nick Moderator Moderator

    Apr 3, 2013
    Oh yay. I assume this is the thread to vote in?

    RamNode - 3 points

    SecureDragon - 2 points

    Omg. RamNode is in the lead.
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  3. MannDude

    MannDude Just a dude vpsBoard Founder Moderator

    Mar 8, 2013
    Yep, right thread.
  4. rmlhhd

    rmlhhd New Member Verified Provider

    May 22, 2015
    BuyVM - 2

    RamNode - 2

    Zare - 1
  5. drmike

    drmike 100% Tier-1 Gogent

    May 13, 2013
    Oh fun...   I'd vote for Vultr, but not happy with a provider that runs NO RAID, RAID-0, or RAID-1. (BA-DUM!).

    So I am thin on providers this yeah, as I've purged most of them.  Too many invoices and too many issues with many of them.

    My list.... and I am sticking to VPS offers here...

    BuyVM  - 3 points 

    What can I say about BuyVM?  Tons of free features and useful addons you want.   Still enjoying that flat rate annual plan. Anycast.... yeah... bigger filtering pipes....  You get the point.

    Wable - 1 point 

    Incero's rebranded eduvps aka Wable is pretty alright.  Nice to have pooled resources and be able to shuffle those and deploy new containers as-needed.  It's OpenVZ with the panel feature jazz that just resonates with me.  Nice clean environment for development and clean instances as-needed.

    DigitalOcean - 1 point

    Multiple locations, deploy on demand as needed.   Downside in my mind?  KVM which means higher cost point per container.  Used them for a long time as clean environment for dev.  Still have a lingering instance out there. Pretty strong network in NYC.

    Commonality?  They all have custom panels.

    Honorable mention: Crissic Solutions.    I have a remote desktop there and it's darn good, real stable, works fast and always works when I need it.
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  6. Mid

    Mid New Member

    May 4, 2014
    I do not frequent (very often) this forum, but I haven't seen anybody from ramnode on this forum and yet many seem to love it, they never seem to care about vpsB! ?. (I guess even the oldest guy (Aldyric?; sorry I can't remember exact name) belongs to BuyVM :) )

    there isn't any poll attached to the thread? (MannDude, do you manually calculate reading each post?)

    why not have polls every quarter like LET does?
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    GIANT_CRAB New Member

    May 21, 2013
    Cloudshards - 3

    Best support team which always tell me to "try now".

    Waveride - 2

    Most premium provider who provided premium services at an amazingly affordable yet premium price.

    HM: BuyVM, Crissic Solutions
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  8. sv01

    sv01 Slow but sure

    May 17, 2013
    RamNode 2

    IntoVPS 1

    BuyVM 1

    DigitalOcean 1

    Vultr -1 (just like drmike said)

    I only listed VPS not my Dedi :D
  9. MannDude

    MannDude Just a dude vpsBoard Founder Moderator

    Mar 8, 2013
    @Nick_A owns RamNode and he's a vpsBoard member.

    Quarterly polls are too frequent in my opinion and that's more of LET's thing anyhow. ;)

    I'll calculate the votes manually as well, a poll would be a lot of effort to include all the providers someone may want to vote for and then audit it to make sure those who voted were legit, etc. Much easier this way.
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  10. k0nsl

    k0nsl Bad Goy

    Dec 15, 2013
    My humble vote:

    • 3 BuyVM
    • 1 Incero (Backupsy to be specific)
    • 1 HostHatch
    Honourable mention: Dr.Server; RamNode; Makonix.

    Ya, that is it.
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  11. wlanboy

    wlanboy Content Contributer

    May 16, 2013
    • 2 Catalysthost
    • 2 Ramnode
    • 1 Secure Dragon
    HM: OpenITC and Yourserver.
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  12. serverian

    serverian Well-Known Member Verified Provider

    May 16, 2013
    Erm, Incero != Backupsy :)
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  13. DomainBop

    DomainBop Dormant VPSB Pathogen

    Oct 11, 2013
    VPS providers only...

    CloudVPS.com 2  <-- reliability, scalability, openstack, private networking, custom openstack interface,high availability, free global CDN, private networking, clusters, load balancing, ip failover, big open source supporters, bla bla bla

    UltraVPS.eu 2  <--the .eu one owned by ProviderService not the .com one owned by VersaWeb :) like all ProviderService brands it's reliable and just works

    RunAbove 1 <-openstack nova KVM plus things you won't find at DigitalOcean or Vultr like their SailAbove docker solution, and instances with IBM Power8 processors, etc.  surprisingly reliable for something that is basically still in beta.  Points deducted because Oles might change his mind tomorrow and convert RunAbove's offices into a taco stand.

    honorable mentions in absolutely no order:

    VPS.co.za -reliable Xen in Cape Town, I've used them for almost 2 years

    VPS.us -reliable Xen in Rotterdam, I've used them for 1 1/2 years

    CloudFlow -great knowledgeable support (a key factor when the buggy OnApp is involved), high availability, KVM, great network ...from SeFlow in Milan

    Prometeus -reliability, Xen and KVM, currently have a Xen VPS in India and an IWStack KVM in Texas

    GreenQloud - Iceland, custom panel built on top of cloudstack, plus a custom dropbox-like file storage/sharing system called StorageQloud...points deducted for the annoying hipster "CO2 saved this year meter" in their panel...a little too "green" for me. (see image below)

    Vultr - reliability, locations, performance and CPU power, KVM...points deducted because they're from Jersey but points added because I'm one of the few people who enjoy DaveA's sense of humor.

    Nephoscale -custom panel, in house developed custom cloud solution NephOS, 10 Gbps, SSD, KVM, reliable ...San Jose...owned by Silicon Valley Hosting who have been around since the mid 90's, most of Nephoscale's development/management team formerly worked at GoGrid

    Edis -locations (I currently have VPS in Hong Kong and Moscow), KVM, company had a rough patch at beginning of year due to illnesses/turnover but reliability is back to normal

    HostVirtual -reliability, locations, excellent support (fastest response times anywhere), and great network, Xen

    Backupsy - extremely reliable and no downtime when I used them (I'm backing everything up to dedis now so no longer using but definitely recommended)

    What do all 13 have in common? Do you see the word OpenVZ in any of my descriptions?  Didn't f**king think so..  What else do they have in common?  I rarely, if ever, have to open a support ticket at most of these providers...some of them I've been with over a year and have never opened a ticket


    GreenQloud panel CO2  meter...


    off topic but...

    In the past year I've had lengthy downtime due to drive/RAID controller problems at providers like Iniz who use 12-disc RAID10 arrays and I had total data loss (it was only a backup FTP service and I have several backup servers but...) when Prometeus' RAID enabled backup service server at Leaseweb started eating and corrupting discs last month...I've yet to have any disc related problems or downtime at Vultr since they launched.  Vultr does have a very cheap automated backup addon (from $1 a month)...and everyone who uses any provider should also be making their own offsite backups regardless of whether the provider has RAID

    tl;dr CVPS/BlueVM/123Systems/GVH have RAID10 and I'd choose Vultr with its unknown RAID status over any of the #winning crew any day
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  14. Leyton

    Leyton Member Verified Provider

    May 17, 2013
    RamNode - 1: Solid service over many years, with great support.

    VPSDime - 1: One of the best large-RAM providers I've used, though I don't use them as frequently as others.

    QuickPacket - 1: Run a couple of dedicated servers over there, network is great, not had any hardware problems, and support have been fantastic - very helpful when I moved over from CaliHop.

    SecureDragon - 1: Used one of their annual plans for ages, and have known Joe for a while, he runs a stellar service.

    Prometeus - 1: Tried and tested, both their standard and Overzold offerings are great, but I only actively use their standard plans, which have been stable as any in the past 2 years or so.
    HM: DigitalOcean, Backupsy, Iniz, Online.net
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  15. Licensecart

    Licensecart Active Member

    May 22, 2013
    • FreshRoastedHosting - 3 points
    • TheSkySpace - 1 point
    • SpaceWeb - 1 point
  16. drmike

    drmike 100% Tier-1 Gogent

    May 13, 2013
    I am pretty good at calculating public totals ;)  

    Quarterly polls are just blah...  not really enough time between them to matter much.  
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  17. Geek

    Geek Technolojesus Verified Provider

    May 31, 2014
    • Secure Dragon: 4
    Been a little over a year now. Freaking awesome containers. Other than kernel updates, not even a blip of downtime I can think of whatsoever.

    • BuyVM: 1
    I haven't had a container over there too terribly long but I felt they deserved more than an honorable mention. So far it's been an extremely stable and optimal environment that's performed very well. If I'd been using them longer I'm sure I'd have left a higher number.
  18. 764664

    764664 New Member

    Jan 17, 2014
    Prometeus 1

    Inception Hosting 1

    DigitalOcean 1

    online.net 1

    Linode 1
  19. Mid

    Mid New Member

    May 4, 2014
    The reason I haven't recognized him so far is probably because he doesn't have a professional signature (as buyvm does). Probably, it appeared to me like Nick being a happy customer of ramnode. :) 

    Nick: aren't you missing something that the buyvm guys are gaining? :)

    Ya, if I remember right, you were the one who put up LET poll results I think even before they finished it.

    And, yes I understand the voting (and the result) is public and transparent. 
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  20. Awmusic12635

    Awmusic12635 Active Member Verified Provider

    May 3, 2013
    4 - Cloudshards

    1 - Wable
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