Webhost Billing Systems


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We started using Blesta. I once used to create accounts manually after payment, but this is much easier.


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Hi, guys,

Take a look at the billing system we're building: https://fleio.com

We've started as billing system and control panel specifically designed for OpenStack:
a complete panel similar to Linode's or DigitalOncean's panel.

And now we're adding features of a general web hosting billing system.
We already have: cPanel shared web hosting module, domain name registration,
ticketing system etc.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

PS: I've checked the rules and didn't see something against self-promo. Hope it's ok.


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What is everyones preferred billing software?
Just looking to start a thread and chatter.
Hello! I think that EVERYONES preferred billing software is WHMCS.

I already tried Blesta and WHMCS and I would prefer WHMCS mainly because everyone use it, so there is a strong community to help me when needed. Also, WHMCS has a lot of modules (both free and paid) and developing a module for it is very easy. I'm currently building my own billing software but at this time, it can't beat WHMCS.


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We have used WHMCS
  • as it is User-Friendly
  • we can customize it as per our needs
  • the billing
  • it's support
These are some benefits which has made us to never question WHMCS


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I personally have experience with WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta, ClientExec, Boxbilling, WHSuitem, etc.

When I started HeySupport I still chose WHMCS because of its stability and completion.
We developed our own modules and hooks easily by referring to their documents.

As to the billing feature, I didn't see much differences among these billing systems.


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As far as I know Boxbilling costs less when compared to WHMCS. It also happens to be the most popular panel for billing management and hosting automation. Whether you are a host or a domain registrar WHMCS is definitely the way to go. It offers a lot of features, flexibilty and great support.


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WHMCS works best for me.It is the most effective billing software.Also, they have a strong community for help whenever needed.