Webhost Billing Systems


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We started using Blesta. I once used to create accounts manually after payment, but this is much easier.


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Hi, guys,

Take a look at the billing system we're building:

We've started as billing system and control panel specifically designed for OpenStack:
a complete panel similar to Linode's or DigitalOncean's panel.

And now we're adding features of a general web hosting billing system.
We already have: cPanel shared web hosting module, domain name registration,
ticketing system etc.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

PS: I've checked the rules and didn't see something against self-promo. Hope it's ok.


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What is everyones preferred billing software?
Just looking to start a thread and chatter.

Hello! I think that EVERYONES preferred billing software is WHMCS.

I already tried Blesta and WHMCS and I would prefer WHMCS mainly because everyone use it, so there is a strong community to help me when needed. Also, WHMCS has a lot of modules (both free and paid) and developing a module for it is very easy. I'm currently building my own billing software but at this time, it can't beat WHMCS.


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We have used WHMCS
  • as it is User-Friendly
  • we can customize it as per our needs
  • the billing
  • it's support
These are some benefits which has made us to never question WHMCS


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I personally have experience with WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta, ClientExec, Boxbilling, WHSuitem, etc.

When I started HeySupport I still chose WHMCS because of its stability and completion.
We developed our own modules and hooks easily by referring to their documents.

As to the billing feature, I didn't see much differences among these billing systems.


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As far as I know Boxbilling costs less when compared to WHMCS. It also happens to be the most popular panel for billing management and hosting automation. Whether you are a host or a domain registrar WHMCS is definitely the way to go. It offers a lot of features, flexibilty and great support.


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WHMCS works best for me.It is the most effective billing software.Also, they have a strong community for help whenever needed.


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I used WHMCS, Blesta, ClientExec and HostBill.

All are good, Blesta and ClientExec is cheaper and CE interface look good like WHMCS. If you want to save money then you can go with HostBill with one time fees.

HostBill interface is awesome, ClientArea looks much modern. WHMCS is of-course still best and easy to navigate, Most used billing software.


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Blesta is great, we do also use clientexec. Clientexec used to be good, I do personally thing the software is now behind as majority functionality is missing, example: connecting to SolusVM is pain in the neck.


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We've used it in the past and I totally agree on your Clientexec point that it lacks a lot of functions. After switching to WHMCS, we haven't found a suitable replacement for it.


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WHMCS. But with WebPros (Oakley Capital) owning WHMCS now I may very well switch to HostBill depending on how things pan out.
Or ClientExec.
Not yet, though. Need to see how things go. I've used WHMCS for so long.