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Rumour right now is LE* was sold almost a year ago.

Everyone needs to go back to when LETADMIN transferred the site. February 2012.  Then March 5th, DDOS started.  Lasted until February 12th.

Magically, Joel hadn't owned the site but maybe 30 days and DDoS, which drove the site magically to Colocrossing.

BuySellAds shows account creation dates of February 2012.

Ads didn't appear on LET ever prior to September or October 2012.  So transfer either happened to CC in March or September-October.

If CC took hold in March, it has been over a year.  October though would be around 7 months.

But there are other questions.  Another prior Admin of the site ( points to the Toronto area, so may be something earlier and intent going on.

Glad to hear from anyone who can fill in the blanks on that.


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Well, I always thought Joel or Chief was a little shady. He was the reason that I disappeared from LET a year ago. It was not the same since LEA left.

For those that had comments on my first post, LET was much different before the transfer. It had some moderation issues, but it was a great place to get and give help. Now, you could early get anything with all of the offers and stuff running around on there. The site became about making money. I have no problem with it making money, but I don't like when you can tell the focus of a site is to increase revenue/make money. It just casts a shadow on the whole operation to me.


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O hey, @Naruto, do you know madara is trying to take over ? In ourworld, it is CC = madara.


Shall I take that as an offense? I've had my fair share of run-ins with CurtisG.
Sorry I have update it before you reply it,

Still trying to adapt with IP.Board


I just want to say hi to CurtisG, since I order the failed offer by him before (on LET). 
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I also, once more, want to thank Francisco for getting us back up and running so quickly. After LET went down, it seems some attacks were pointed at WHT and vpsBoard. He got us back up and running quickly. vpsBoard is proudly being hosted on a BuyVM KVM VPS! </plug>
Indeed another reason i joined, Francisco is here. Thanks for all the hard work !


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Yeah i noticed that right after I made my comment.. maybe someone does not want LET member to flock here..


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Looks like LET is down again!! not sure maintenance or another hack!

LET down here now for me...  Crazy, crazy and crazy.

Wonder if the old lowendadmin's gentle words put some fire under someone inclined to whack LET once again.

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