What OS on your Dedicated Servers?


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I've been thinking about switching to a new OS on my dedi at WSI just to try something new.

What OS do you run on your Dedicated Servers? Why do you use that OS? Is your server in production use?


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I'm mostly using debian (yeah I'm lazy) and it serves me well. (still using squeeze in 'production', wheezy on desktop&laptop etc)

However the dedi im currently setting up going to have centos because it's a requirement by cpanel (which i hate but clients need it)..


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I have CentOS 6.4 x64 on my Dedi at WSI. I run CentOS on all my VPSes as well (except one Debian one which I don't use much).


freebsd 9.1

debian 7

ubuntu 12.04.3

couple win2012.

despise rpm-based distros.
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FreeBSD 9.1 for a majority of my machines, Alpine for the HA Phone System, and a stripped to the core CentOS for VMs.