What vps do you have and what are you doing with them?


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I am interested in the vps collections of our community members and want to ask some questions about your vps usage.

  1. How many vps do you have?
  2. Which geo location are you using?
  3. For what purpose are you using your vps?


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For now:

1. 4 active vps.

2. West Coast USA (Los Angeles) since it give lower latency to SEA.

3. Web server, file server, openvpn server and monitoring server.


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Ramnode 256MB SSD OVZ hosting my busiest web site (LAMP)

Ramnode 256MB SSD KVM hosting few other web sites (LNMP)

BuyVM 128MB OpenVZ VPN

Fliphost Storage 256MB hosting Android ROM's 3TB+ bw usage per month (Nginx)

64MB Cloudshards VPN

Those are my personal VPS's.


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Alrighty, well I guess this is worth it.

Just to make it easier, I'll just state where they are, who they're with, and what purpose each server is doing in a list. 

DigitalOcean 512MB RAM KVM (San Francisco, California, USA) - Remote Desktop and OpenVPN Server

BuyVM Storage 250GB (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) - Storage

IPXCore 256MB RAM OpenVZ (San Diego, California, USA) - OpenVPN Server

Tortoises Lab 512MB RAM Xen (Los Angeles, California, USA) - Remote Desktop and OpenVPN Client and Data Processing Server(OpenFOAM, Computational Fluid Dynamics Data Processing and Generation Server)

Catalyst (Hey that's the company I work for!) 2048MB RAM KVM (Dallas, Texas, USA) - OpenVPN Server + Codiad (For Matlab) + Git + Other Misc Uses

SecureDragon 256MB RAM OpenVZ (Tampa, Florida, USA) - Centralized Monitoring System (Observium)

Prometeus 256MB RAM KVM (Milan, Italy) - IRC ZNC

Prometeus 50MB RAM OpenVZ (Milan, Italy) - IRC ZNC

Prometeus 512MB RAM SSD OpenVZ (Milan, Italy) - MySQL Server

Many of the prometeus plans were from their large discounted events (e.g. the 512MB SSD OpenVZ was during the World Cups where Uncle released a 70% off code) and were paid yearly or free (the 50 MB OpenVZ Plan was free).  

This doesn't include dedicated servers I have colocated and rented out right now (granted I did just sell one of my powerhouses that I used for CFD work).  

This also doesn't include a few (less than 5) VPSes I have currently sitting idle.  

I've come a long ways since mindlessly purchasing every single VPS Offer I saw (e.g. I think at one point I had over 30 VPSes).  


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Ramnode - 2 US locations

BuyVM - 2 US locations

DigitalOcean NY

Prometeus, Italy

Those are the ones I'll admit to using and having :)   They are all running Nginx and other web servers for varied content.  Some are for DNS and caching and others for tunneling.  Mostly things get used for either experimenting or fronting dedicated/colo servers.

Sitting on a pile of other prepaids that are super idle and need weeded/eliminated.  Lots of provider turnover with my more preferred "premium" plans (i.e. big disk, favorite locations, etc.).


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1. 10 is all I am able to remember, but I think that's all right now.

2. NYC, Las Vegas, Dallas(3), Phoenix, Virginia in the US, United Kingdom(2), and one in Frankfurt, DE.

3. NYC/Vegas/UK used for one DNS system, and then Dallas/Phoenix/UK and Virginia used for a ghetto CDN I have going, one Dallas node as a shared Wordpress node, a Dallas storage node, and then Germany for e-mail.


  • 1 x Comstownit 128MB KVM = for running openvpn
  • 1 x Comstownit 128MB KVM = for backup
  • 1 x COmstownit 1GB KVM = for RDP
  • 1 x Digital Ocean NYC 512MB = for download server
  • 1 x Digital Ocean AMS 512MB = for email server
  • 1 x Frontrangehosting 128MB OpenVZ = for running openvpn watching Hulu
  • 1 x Online Dedibox SC Gen 2 = running 4 OpenVZ with IPv4 NAT and IPv6 tunnel from HE
  • 1 x Prometeus 50MB OpenVZ Italy = for running web server and irc bouncer
  • 1 x Prometeus 384MB OpenVZ Italy = for running a blog
  • 1 x Prometeus 256MB Xen in Pune = for running a blog
  • 1 x Prometeus 512MB Xen Biz Italy = for running monitoring script
  • 1 x Prometeus 512MB iwStack =  for running my blog
Still looking for UK vps for collection :p


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1x Ramnode SSD running Munin

1x Ramnode SSD-cached running Nagios

1x Iniz 100GB custom running ownCloud install for the family

1x SecureDragon for DokuWiki

4 x various  for VPN

1x KimSufi for SubSonic and backups of everything else

1x Kimsufi for Usenet indexer

1x DireVPS for RDP plus backups

12 x low-end sub-$10 yearlies that are currently all supporting Archiveteam projects or idling.


1x EDIS dedicated running OpenBSD; for irc, web hosting, and random other activities

1x EDIS 256MB KVM; mostly idle, originally meant for status monitoring, but then Iniz provided smaller VPS

1x EDIS 100GB Storage vps;  for storage

1x Waveride 6GB OpenVZ; running Jenkins

1x Iniz 1024MB/SSD OpenVZ; for occasional software development

1x Iniz 64MB OpenVZ; server status monitoring, running self-made libevent-based http server

1x Prometeus 1024MB Xen; version control

All servers are in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy).


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4 VPSes in active use:

  • Repo Server / IRC Client
  • Jenkins Build Server
  • Web Server / Database Server
  • Backup Server
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2x BuyVM 128 OVZs (Vegas and NJ) - DNS and IRCd

1x KnightSwarm 128 OVZ (Amsterdam) - Prosody XMPP

1x Kimsufi (Not a VPS but shh) - HTTP/Mail/IRCd/DNS/Various other rubbish

I probably have others that I've forgotten to list.
There was a time where I used to have a vps with EDIS, BuyVM, Prometeus, and co but I'm proud that I've cut down my use to a single VPS.

1x Ramnode 256 KVM SSD-Cached VPS (CKVM-E5) - Seattle - 256MB CKVM-E5 - IRC, OpenVPN server.

I used dedicated servers for other purposes.


Dedi Addict

  • 1 x Ramnode 256 SSD for billing
  • 1 x Ramnode 128 - VPN
  • 2 x Cloudshards - Observium/Not in use - Cancelling these soon.
  • 1 x Backupsy

Dedicated/Colocated Servers

  • Dell CS24-SC - Virtual Node 1
  • Dell CS24-SC - Virtual Node 2
  • Dell Poweredge 860 - MySql Node
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vpsBoard Founder

  • WWW/PHP/Lighttpd server
  • MySQL Server
  • Advertisement Server

  • DailyServerDeals
  • Backup Server
Digital Ocean

  • Analytic Server
  • Mail Server
  • Git Server

  • Billing/Support Desk
Tortoise Labs

  • Observium Monitoring Server

  • Dev/Testing/Whatever Server

  • Personal project server

Probably a server or three I am forgetting...


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I don't use VPS's at all, simply because I do not trust anyone enough with my data; not only that, I do not like the idea of not having control over ring0 :)
You're just asking for me to get all pedantic about the whole VT-x technically being ring -1 thing, aren't you? :D


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I've 3 VPSes with RocketVPS, RamNode and backupsy

1 for our corporate site, another for testing application. And backupsy vps for backup data.


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KnownHost VPS-2 (1024MB Virtuozzo): DNS hosting & personal web hosting for self, family & friends.

BuyVM 250GB Storage VM (256MB KVM): Offsite backups of KH sites & (TBD) ownCloud instance.

FlipHost 100GB Storage100 (256MB OpenVZ): More offsite backups of KH sites and testing of new stuff.

BuyVM 128MB (OpenVZ): Bought because it was there. Sure I'll think of something to do with it, eventually.

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