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Say for example Warren Buffet is your Dad and he gave you 100 million dollars to donate to any Free Operating System project, which one will you support?

If I have that much money, I may want to see FreeBSD get more funding and be mainstream =)
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My reasoning behind this is that from all the operating systems I've used, *BSD, RHEL-Based OS, SUSE-based OS, etc. I've seen Debian be one of the easiest and straight-forward server OS to work with.  I wouldn't pick Ubuntu because I feel that Ubuntu is overcluttered and at times just makes things more difficult to do while they claim it's "making it easier".  RHEL to me just gets confusing.  I started out working with CentOS and just did not enjoy my experience at all.  Now I'm not saying I'm horrible with CentOS, but I do prefer Debian over CentOS anyday.  

If this was desktop though, I'd support Crunchbang because of how easy it is to work with it (especially the shortcut keys out of the box and just the UI experience I get).  Fortunately for me Crunchbang is debian-based (any debian software works with Crunchbang), so if I support Debian I'd indirectly be support Crunchbang regardless.  
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RHEL because I want RHEL to beat the crap out of Microsoft and Apple.

I ignored the rule "Free OS" project.
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I like window OS . As it is very user friendly.
Windows already has the funding of the richest (one of the richest?) men in the world. $100,000,000 to that cause won't do a whole lot.

I don't have an answer for the question, other than just some sort of Linux Distribution. I use Debian, like it, but would be okay with $100mil going towards any Linux flavor.